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After your home has sustained damages, large or small, you are going to contact your homeowner’s insurance company and file a claim so that you can get the money you need to move on with your life. You need to make repairs and replace things that were damaged, so you may be willing to take the first check your insurance company offers you, but there are some reasons why you should not do that.

Hidden Damages

Depending on exactly what type of loss you suffered, there could be damages that were not instantly visible, so the independent adjuster could not factor them into your settlement. Until the work begins, you may be unaware of damages inside the floors or walls, or mold and mildew popping up from water damage. These can be expensive to repair, and you will not be able to get your insurance company to give you more money from the claim since you already cashed the check.

They Start Low

Insurance companies are in the business to make a profit, and to do this they do not want to pay out the maximum amount you are owed right away. Instead, your insurance company will try to lowball you, in hopes that you will just be happy they are giving you anything and walk away. The amount offered may not even be enough to complete the repairs you need. The first offer is always much lower than you are owed.

You Do Not Have the Full Costs Yet

Your insurance provider will be offering you money based on their independent adjuster’s assessment, which does not take into account the full costs yet. Their assessment of the costs may differ greatly from the costs your contractor is quoting you. Sometimes an insurance company will offer you a contractor who can do the work at their price, but this is a huge risk. Oftentimes, you end up with a poorly done job and the damage will happen again as a result. A big example of this is roof leaks. If they are not fixed properly, you may find out the next time it rains.

Appraisals Are Opinions

After the independent adjuster has evaluated your damages, your insurance company will give you a settlement offer. The offer is based entirely upon the opinion of the adjuster. This means that there is a chance that a different adjuster can get you a different number, and possibly better results. You can challenge this opinion and reject that first offer, fighting to get the amount you deserve for your settlement.


If you find yourself in need of help with your insurance claim, a public adjuster is here to help you. They will negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company to help you get the settlement you deserve, which is often significantly higher than their original offer. Public adjusters can be your best ally when you are fighting your insurance for an appropriate claim amount that will actually cover everything.