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If you own a business and have had disaster strike, we know how frustrating that can be. Running a business is hard enough without mother nature or property damage. Plus, filing an insurance claim can be a long and drawn out process if you don’t have a professional on your side.

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At United Claims Specialists we know that you want to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. During the time that your business was down, you’ve experienced income loss. It’s important that you document income loss and get the proper settlement for your insurance claim. An experienced public adjuster at United Claims Specialists will help your business recover faster and get the compensation you deserve.


Generally, there are three types of business interruption insurance losses that can be filed:
  • Business Interruption - This claim is filed to compensate the business owner during the time needed to repair and restore the damage to the property.
  • Extended Business Interruption - This insurance provides coverage for the time after the property is repaired but before the business has returned to pre-loss levels.
  • Contingent Business Interruption - This provides coverage for loss of income resulting from physical damage, not to its property, but to the property of suppliers or consumers of its product.

When a business has property damage, or a disaster strikes, it’s important they file an income loss insurance claim. Not only do you need to be compensated for the damage to your building or property, but you also need to be compensated for the loss of income you’ve suffered due to the damages.

United Claims Specialists have the experience and expertise to file your business income loss claim so you get the maximum payout as quickly as possible.

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Filing For Loss of Income

and the most common questions.

What is considered "Loss of Business"?

Loss of business is considered the period when the normal flow of work and income is interrupted. This can be for many reasons from water damage to fire damage and much more. Loss of business income can cause problems for a business because employees are unable to get paid, your business is unable to bring in money, and bills might be neglected. It’s important that when your business is interrupted due to a disaster that you seek out compensation for your business income loss.

How long does it take for "Loss of Income" claims to settle?

Damage to your business’ building or property can have a significant negative impact on your business. Bills can go unpaid, employees won’t get paid, and your business is at risk following a disaster. If you don’t get compensation for your insurance loss claim it can put your business at risk. United Claims Specialists knows how important it is for your business to get back to normal as fast as possible.

What will my policy cover?

Each policy is unique to the property owner. At United Claims Specialists, our public adjusters understand how to maximize your policy for your claim. Some policies cover open perils, all risk or comprehensive situations. These types of policies may cover water damage caused by storms or roofing issues. Other policies or independent flood coverage may address varying types of water damage.

Understanding your exact policy coverage starts by consulting with a public adjuster from our team at United Claims Specialists. We can help you understand how your insurance policy can work for you. Additionally, we can assist in starting your claim, scheduling service calls and obtaining estimates for water damage remediation.

Are "Loss of Income" claims taxable?

Currently, compensation received from your insurance to reimburse you for "loss of income" is taxable because it is compensating for income that ordinarily would have been received and taxed. 

This is different than proceeds received for loss or damage to business property.

What type of documentation is needed when filing for loss of income?

Clear, accurate record keeping is a critical element of getting a successful outcome quickly. Here are some key documents you'll need for filing your claim:

  • pre-interruption financial statements and tax returns
  • post-interruption business records & documents attributed to the event/interruption
  • Copies of ongoing operating expenses (utilities, rent, employee wages, benefits, etc)
  • Receipts for materials, supplies and other purchases needed for immediate repair/getting back to business
  • Invoices from contractors and other service providers

The calculation of losses is one of the most complex, but important aspects of filing your claim and defining the scope of the loss. Contact UCS for help calculating your potential income loss claim!

Does insurance cover loss of rental income?

Loss of rental income may very well be covered by your business insurance, but it is usually an "add-on" and some policies still have restrictions. Rental income reimbursement is one of the more complex income loss claims to file, so we highly recommend utilizing an expert who can review your policy and help you define exactly what you are eligible for and entitled to!

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