Property Damage Insurance Claims

If your property has sustained damage, call United Claims Specialists right away for a free damage inspection. Whether your damage is due to a major event like a wind storm or an everyday problem like a pipe leak- we can help you file a property damage insurance claim and get paid. Our public adjusters will get you maximum payout - we never accept the first offer! Plus, we'll make sure you get paid fast so that you can repair damage quickly and put an end to claim stalling.

United Claims Specialists Public Adjusters provides professional property damage insurance claim representation for all types of damage claims. Click on your damage type below to learn more about the property damage insurance claims process.



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Water Damage

We work with all types of water damage claims. Whether you have contaminated water, or you have physical water damage to your home or building, we can help. 

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Storm Damage

Hiring a certified public adjuster for your hurricane, tropical storm, tornado or storm damages can be the best decision you make in regards to your claim.

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Flood Damage

The process behind flood damage insurance claims can be excessively complicated. One wrong form or improper step can result in a claim being underpaid or outright denied.


Mold Damage

If you are ready to settle your mold claim so you can get the best quality repairs, it all starts by calling a private insurance claims adjuster that you can trust.

hail damage property damage claim

Hail Damage

Most homeowners are shocked to see the destruction following a storm and are even more shocked to find that their insurance provider isn’t willing to cover the full cost of repairs.

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Roof Leaks

Insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible for roof leak claims and repairs, but with the help of our public insurance adjusters, you'll get all repairs paid for. 

pipe burst property damage

Pipe Burst

Repairing your pipe burst damages starts by getting the best possible payment for your pipe burst claim. Calling our certified public adjusters is crucial in obtaining the highest settlement for your claim.


Fire Damage

Fire damage can result from lightning strikes, electrical problems, appliance malfunction, wildfires and more. Whatever the cause of your fire damage, you should call the public adjusters.


Accidental Damage

There are many different types of accidental damage claims, and no matter the claim, you need a skilled public adjuster to make the most of your claim.

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Robbery & Vandalism

Burglaries cause many types of damages, such as structural damages and property losses. Luckily, many homeowners and residential insurance policies offer coverage for burglaries.

Income Loss (1)

Income Loss

If you own a business and have had your ability to make money impacted, we know how frustrating that can be. Running a business is hard enough without adding an insurance claim

New, Low-Balled & Denied Claims

A public adjuster can make a 700% difference.