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If your insurance company turns you down, what’s the point to reopen the insurance claim? Isn’t “no” the final answer? Fortunately, it’s not. There’s always an opportunity to reopen claims when you feel that you have unfairly been turned away or that the amount offered to you was not enough. At United Claims Specialists, we provide services to help you get the maximum settlement. If your insurance policy states that you are entitled to more than you were offered, then United Claims Specialists can assist! 

What to Expect When You Reopen an Insurance Claim  

You may receive a letter from your insurance company that says, “We are now closing your file” which really means that they are done dealing with your claim or that there’s nothing else they’d like to add. Many individuals think that this means that they merely have to live with the decision of the insurers. Fortunately, United Claims Specialists is here to offer a different version of reality where you do get the money you deserve and where your claim is taken seriously. 

The first step is hiring our team to help you get the financial settlement you need to rebuild or remodel. Then, we will reach out to your insurance company and reopen the claim. Often times, insurance companies will change their minds about their original decisions. When there is a public adjuster in the picture, insurance companies know that they can’t get away with sweeping a claim under the rug.  

At United Claims Specialists, we can reopen multiple types of claims including water damage, storm damage, fire damage, and so much more. We’re experts in our field, and you can trust us with your denied or insufficiently paid cases. Whatever your situation, we know that we can get your finances to a better place. Don’t deal with insurance companies alone if you don’t have to. Call United Claims Specialists today at 855-321-5677. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, remodels and repairs are expensive. Be paid appropriately and promptly.