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Need Help Reopening an Insurance Claim? Call United Claims Specialists 

You may have opted to contact your insurance company because you thought they would be there to help you in your moment of need, however, you found out that that was sadly not the case, and here you are hoping you could still get the help you need and finally get the compensation you deserve for your property damage. Luckily for you, United Claims Specialists is known for coming to aid of thousands of people who need help reopening an insurance claim. So, if you’re one of the many people who need professional assistance in the process of reopening their claim, don’t doubt to call our team today.  

How Can We Help You Reopen Your Insurance Claim? 

There are several reasons why your claim may have been denied in the past. Whether it’s because you have missed a payment, you maybe don’t have a full grasp of what your policy entails, or you don’t have full coverage, there are plenty of other things that can cause for an insurance company to deny you compensation. Whatever the reason may be however, the professionals at United Claims Specialists can ensure that you have a complete understanding of what caused your insurance claim to be denied, that way you can avoid making the same mistakes as you forward. 

Second Chances: Reopen Your Insurance Claim 

Maybe the error was made on your part, or it had to do with your insurance company, in either case, a public adjuster cannot only help you identify the reasons for which why your claim was denied but they can also afford you the opportunity to reopen the claim, appealing and winning this time. They will study the claim, collecting all vital information and gathering previous evidence as well as performing current investigations to make sure that any missing details and additional proof that can strengthen your claim can be added to this new draft. They will re-evaluate everything and anything, ensuring that this time there’s nothing missing and you can get a fair chance at getting the compensation you rightfully deserved the first time around. 

Call United Claims Specialists If You Need Help Reopening an Insurance Claim 

If you find yourself in the situation where you need immediate help from a professional public adjuster with experience reopening insurance claims, we highly recommend you reach out to the team at United Claims Specialists by dialing (855) 321-5677 and scheduling an initial consultation. Once in our offices, you will get to speak with a professional in the field, who will advise you and assist you every step of the way, working closely with you to ensure that this time around you get the settlement you need and deserve for your damages. We can help with several claim types including water damage, storm damage, flood damage, fire damage, mold damage, hail damage, roof leaks, pipe burst, marine damage and much more.