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Why You Should Have a Public Adjuster Reopen An Insurance Claim in New York After The Insurance Company Says “No”

When your home is affected by property damage it creates a very stressful situation. The magnitude of that stress is multiplied many times over when the insurance company says no to a claim. It can be easy to feel like the world is against you during this situation as well as feeling like there is no one to turn too. This is where a public adjuster can really help sort things out. United Claims Specialists has the experience when it comes to dealing with the insurance company, they can reopen a denied claim and get you the settlement you deserve. If you live in New York and have had your insurance claim denied, do not give up. The professionals at United Claims Specialists are here to help. 

Insurance Companies May Not Be Able to Help You

Insurance companies are not setup to be your friend. They want to give out as little money as possible and will deny a claim if they have any reason to do so. If you have had your insurance claim denied by the insurance company do not get stressed out. Hiring a public adjuster to reopen your claim and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf can help level the playing field. Filing a claim by yourself is almost being setup to fail. Navigating all the paperwork can be a mental headache even for scholars. United Claims Specialists have the know how and the experience to play ball with the insurance company. In countless cases, they have overturned denied claims and got their clients the settlement amount they deserved.

 Even if your insurance claim was not denied, it is still a good idea to hire a public adjuster as they can possibly get you a much higher payout. The insurance companies want to payout as little money as possible and will throw around difficult to understand jargon to validate the low payout. The professionals at United Claims have all the experience to play the insurance companies games. No other public adjuster company will work harder to get you the maximum payout for your claim. 

Being denied an insurance claim can perpetuate an already stressful situation when your home has been affected by property damage. It is important to remain calm during this situation and remember a public adjuster can reopen your claim. If you live in New York and have had your insurance claim denied, calling a public adjuster such as United Claims Specialists is your next best step. There are of course many different public adjusters you can call but none of them have the experience and amazing track record as United Claims Specialists. If you are on the fence on deciding if you should give them a call, please take a moment to look at some of their reviews left by very satisfied customers. We will work quickly and efficiently to get you the payout you deserve.  Call us today at (855) 321-5677 and schedule an initial appointment.