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Is It Possible to Reopen an Insurance Claim? 

Has your insurance company denied your claim? Did your insurance company offer you an inadequate amount for your financial settlement? Do you feel that your policy entitles you to so much more than you were given? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are not treated fairly during their time of greatest need. After all, isn’t insurance there for a purpose? Fortunately, you don’t have to take “no” as an answer. You can reopen an insurance claim with a quality public adjuster. Here are just a few ways a public adjuster can help you. 

How a Public Adjuster Can Aid You to Reopen an Insurance Claim 

After your unfortunate run-in with the insurance company, it’s time to hire a professional. When your policy entitles you to a maximum amount, and your damage conveys the need for financial assistance, you should be allowed to access those funds. A public adjuster is the only call you need to make. They’ll take a look at all of your documents and the paperwork you previously filed. Then, they’ll decide whether or not you have the evidence to reopen a case. 

If they find that your case deserves more than you were offered, or that you were unfairly turned away, they’ll take it up with your insurance company on your behalf. Usually, policyholders have about five years to reopen a claim. However, in Florida, homeowners have only three years to reopen a hurricane claim after landfall. A public adjuster can help you to understand the terms and conditions better. They’ll also do the necessary research and re-build the case. 

At United Claims Specialists, we’ve watched as many homeowners, and business owners attempt to file their own claims at the beginning. While it may seem like a way to save money, the reality is that insurance companies have the upper hand. This is what they do for a living. They know all there is to know about insurance, and how to navigate the complicated terminology. Whether you’re looking to reopen an insurance claim or start a new one, do so with the help of United Claims Specialists. We’ll fight for your highest payment, no matter the size of the case. For dedicated services, call (855) 321-5677 today!