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Boca Raton is the second most populous city in the state of Florida. The warm, humid climate is appealing for many folks who both live and vacation on its beautiful beaches. Disney World and cruise ships are also a highlight to locals and those only visiting. As a permanent, subtropical home to retirees and a temporary one for those migrating south during the cold, winter months, Florida offers many things the North does not.

Unfortunately, the sunshine state also has several unpleasant attributes as it is home to many aggressive snakes and alligators. While the sultry summers in Florida may seem appealing, it is also these hot months that bring about tropical storms and hurricanes. These storms that strike the peninsula are incredibly dangerous. The rain and the wind blow at over 100 miles per hour! This can blow cars off the roadways, break trees in half, and destroy houses in a short amount of time.

The locals know how to weather proof their houses and take cover but many novices do not. Being unaware can be just as dangerous as the raging storms. If you have recently moved to the coast, or have never yet experienced a tropical storm, do your research and be prepared. Speak to a Boca Raton public adjuster about the best way to protect your home and family. Depending on where you live, if a storm damages your home, some insurance companies won’t cover it.

The public adjusters in Boca Raton will do everything they can

Many storms strike Florida each season. Do not be caught in the torrents unaware and ill-prepared. Know not only how to board up your home, but find the local storm shelter. You never know when you might need it. Another important thing to note as well is insurance. In the event of a tropical storm or natural disaster, do not be caught uninsured. You want a house to call home, right? If your home is destroyed, you do not want to live out on the streets or in your in-laws’ basement. With the right insurance and coverage, you can rebuild after the storm and have another home in which to return.

Should I use a Boca Raton Public Adjuster?

Your best bet would be to check out your local insurance adjuster. If you live in any of these Palm Beach counties, we would like to hear from you: Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Wellington. Call us today for a free, no-obligation insurance claim consultation, or visit our website and tell us how we can be of assistance. Adjusters are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are available whenever you need us. Our services are free until you get your settlement – you do not pay anything until our work is done. We are here to serve. Everyone here at the United Claims Specialists supports you. It is very important that you get back everything you deserve and are always prepared and ready for when something happens. The public adjusters Boca Raton are here to be the “middle-man” and do the hard part on your behalf.

Is it storm damage, water damage, marine damage or something caused by a fire or a flood? We even cover robberies, vandalism, toxic mold, roof leaks, accidental damage, and pipe leaks, too. We like to have all of our bases covered. Whether you have a residential home or a commercial building that’s affected by any of these things, we can help.

Your claim may be revoked if….

  •  It is not in your insurance company’s best interest to settle your claim for the highest amount possible.
  • You don’t know exactly what your policy covers.
  • You don’t have years of experience negotiating with the insurance company.
  • Your insurance company’s in-house adjuster is looking out for your best interest.