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Florida can see all kinds of weather from hot, sunny days to big storms that bring lots or rainfall. If you live in Florida you know heavy rains are not uncommon, and these storms can bring flooding and flood damage. At United Claims Specialists we can help you open a claim for any flood damage that has occurred to your home. Filing a flood damage insurance claim in Florida can seem complex, but with the help from our professionals you don’t need to worry. We’ll help you receive maximum compensation for the damage that has occurred. 

How can a public adjuster help with my insurance claim?

Dealing with the insurance company after a flood or any damage to your home can be frustrating. You’d think that the insurance company would be helpful and they’d be on your side, but many insurance companies want fast payouts that might be for less than what you deserve. That’s where a good public adjuster can step in. Our team at United Claims Specialists will fight for you and make sure you’re getting the compensation you truly deserve for the damages to your home. We can help with your claim in the following ways:

  • Assessing and valuing the damage
  • Properly documenting all damages
  • Opening your claim
  • Working on your behalf with the insurance company
  • Reopening your underpaid of denied claim
  • Fighting to obtain maximum payment for your claim

Flood damage claims in Florida can be complicated. Most people are unsure of how to properly document their damages and file a claim. A good public adjuster will make things easier for you. They’ll work with the insurance company so you don’t have to worry about it. With United Claims Specialists you can be assured you’ll get the maximum compensation for your claim. 

Have you had flooding that has caused damage to your home? If so, you need to speak with a public adjuster right away. Filing a flood damage insurance claim in Florida doesn’t have to be stressful and complicated when you leave the work to our team at United Claims Specialists. We’ll make sure you get the payment and compensation you deserve. Call our public adjusters today at (855) 321-5677 to learn more about filing your claim and how we can help.