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Hurricane season in Florida is in full swing, and the competition for who can score the most water and bread has officially begun. Living in paradise is a dream come true for most of us almost all year round. But from June to November the threat of a storm is always lurking in the back of our minds. Storms in Florida can be unpredictable and at times a major cause for concern.  Look how unpredictable Hurricane Michael was when it changed its path and turned into an unprecedented Category 5 hurricane in the Florida Panhandle in 2018. Meteorologists and reporters usually do a great job of forecasting storms but they also spread panic even when there isn’t much to be concerned about. But what they do tell us time and time again, is that you can never be too prepared for hurricane season. If your home has suffered any kind of damage due to high winds and flooding, then you know how important it is to have a Florida public adjuster on your side to handle your claim. So, when you are faced with hurricane damage to your home or business and are wondering what company will have your best interests at heart, your first call should be to United Claims Specialists.  If you are seeking the maximum payment for your claim, it is time to contact the dedicated and trusted Florida Public adjusters at United Claims Specialists.  

Leave the Negotiating to Us 

At United Claims Specialists, we take your concerns seriously and understand how overwhelming and confusing insurance policies can be. And not to mention dealing with the insurance company—that process can be very frustrating in itself. Let us deal with them on your behalf! The confusing policy language and stressful claim process are enough to make a homeowner’s head spin! It almost seems like insurance companies exist to confuse homeowners. That’s why you need a Florida public adjuster on your side. Our experienced team of Florida public adjusters will fight for your rights and make sure that you come out ahead with the maximum compensation you need to repair your home. 

Rest assured that the team of Florida public adjusters at United Claims Specialists will fight to get the most for your claim. We have decades of experience and know firsthand the ins and outs of how insurance companies work. We work with many types of home insurance claims including:   

  • Hurricane Damage;
  • Water and pipe burst damage;
  • Roof and tile damage; 
  • Flood damage;
  • Tornado damage and more

You can trust that our licensed Florida public adjusters will fight for you every step of the way. We will file all of the necessary paperwork for you, compare estimates, notate and photograph damages and most of all negotiate your claim so that you get a fair settlement. You don’t need to worry about a thing. We do it all for you! Call the Florida public adjusters who have your best interests at heart. Find out how United Claims Specialists can help with all of the details of your insurance claim from beginning to end. We will be with you every step of the way. Call us at (855) 321-5677 for a free consultation. Was your claim denied? Don’t delay. Reach out to our Florida public adjusters for help today!