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When disaster strikes and you suddenly lose all or part of your home, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and devastated. You have made your payments faithfully over the years, so they should cover everything with no hassle, right? Unfortunately, that is rarely the case with an insurance company. They will try to give you less than the maximum payment you deserve for your losses, and you may not be certain how to fight them. That is where public adjusters come in. There are many benefits to hiring a public adjuster for your insurance claim though these are the top few…

They are Trained Professionals

Insurance policies can be confusing if you do not have a deep understanding of the industry, making filing your claim difficult sometimes. Public adjusters have to go through training before they can become licensed to ensure they fully understand the complex insurance industry. They are well trained and will fight for you against your insurance to help you get what you are owed. Having a public adjuster working on your claim also means you will have a witness if your insurance company is acting in bad faith and a more drastic measure is needed to get your claim paid.

Your Insurance is Lowballing You

You already filed your insurance claim and they are offering you an amount that will not cover even a fraction of your losses. If you want to fight your insurance company, a public adjuster can step in and negotiate on your behalf. They will work hard to get your insurance to pay you what you deserve. Studies have shown that a public adjuster often increases an insurance claim payment by 747 percent.

Time Savers

An insurance policy is complex and can be confusing, and you may not be sure what exactly your insurance company wants from you. A public adjuster can go over your policy with you and help you organize everything you need for your claim. You can work on moving forward while your public adjuster keeps your claim moving with your insurance company.

They Only Get Paid if You Do

Most public adjusters are paid a percentage of the payout you receive from your insurance company, so you are not paying them hourly and losing money while you wait for your insurance payment. Since they do not get paid if you do not, they will work even harder to help maximize your claim and see the claim through to the end.

Some may suggest using a lawyer, but that should be your last resort. A skilled Public Adjuster can navigate the claims process and typically obtain an excellent settlement for you without an attorney. 

They Have Your Interest at Heart

A public adjuster cares about their clients and wants to make sure they receive what their insurance company owes them. Public adjusters will handle your claims as efficiently as possible and work diligently to make sure you have a positive experience and the outcome you deserve for your claim. 


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