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With the constant flooding in Fort Lauderdale area, your home had been affected and had a certain degree of damage. You might have called a dry out and cleanup company and hired their services. However, you paid them from out of your pocket. Do you have a comprehensive home insurance coverage? If yes, then, consult a public adjuster and have your insurance policy contract interpreted to you. The dry out and cleanup expenses of your home might be covered and reimbursable by your insurance company. With the help of the Fort Lauderdale insurance adjuster, you can file an insurance claim against your insurance company to recover the out of your pocket expenses.

The next time that your home may be affected by flooding in Fort Lauderdale consult immediately with your public adjuster. Let him make an appraisal and valuation of the damages before hiring a cleanup and drying services. He will make a complete documentation of the damages by taking pictures and collecting other documents in support of the insurance claim.

A complete and correct documentation is necessary for the success of the insurance claims, of which your public adjuster has the necessary skills in its preparation. Doing it perhaps can delay the processing of your insurance claims and you might not get what you are entitled to under your comprehensive home insurance policy. You should remember that the insurance company has its own insurance adjuster whose job is to appraise the damage to your home in the favor of the insurance company. He could make things more difficult for you.

While you will pay the services of the public adjuster, he can make your work easier. He can represent you to the insurance company and will work for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve and he can fast track your claims for your advantage. A public adjuster fee is usually at a contingency basis so you don’t have to worry about his bills.