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Recently, Tropical Storm Gordon rolled over Florida’s coast, leading many to need a professional Florida public adjuster. Winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour caused significant damage to homes and businesses throughout the region. When natural disasters occur, it leads to many claims needing to be filed with insurance companies. Hundreds of South Florida residents seek out financial assistance to repair and rebuild the damages from a tropical storm. Unfortunately, this means that insurance companies are looking to save more money than ever. It also means that they may not be as lenient on a claim. At United Claims Specialists, we’re the team you need when devastation hits. 

When to Hire United Claims Specialists  

Our public adjusters are available when the going gets tough. Whether it’s storm surges, flooding, fires, vandalism, theft, or an intense tropical storm, a public adjuster will stand by your side and ensure that you receive what your insurance policy entitles you to. It can be difficult to secure your maximum settlement amount, especially as filing a claim can be complicated. Additionally, the negotiating between you and your insurance company can last weeks or even months. You’ll want to hire United Claims Specialists when you want your claim to be taken seriously, processed quickly, and when you need financial assistance the most. 

Why Hire United Claims Specialist 

There are multiple benefits to hiring our team at United Claims Specialists. First and foremost, we understand how complex the process can be. Many individuals give up when they face their insurers alone, simply because of the tediousness. Fortunately, a Florida public adjuster from United Claims Specialists can help you fight for your financial rights. We’ll save you time, money, and potential mistakes.  

At United Claims Specialists, we’re not a team that will leave you before you’ve succeeded. We’re a team that will stick by you every step of the way, from photographing the damage, to creating a case, to negotiating on your behalf with insurers. If you’ve suffered from the recent tropical storm, allow United Claims Specialists to help you secure your future. Repairs are expensive. Count on your insurance. Count on us. Call 855-321-5677 today!