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June is the official start of hurricane season, making it essential for policyholders in South Florida to start preparing. Preparation has many different layers. It’s never too early to stock your home with non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, chargers, and first aid supplies. It’s safe to say that nobody understands hurricane season quite like a Florida public adjuster. With these helpful hints, policyholders can be ready for anything.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane from a Florida Public Adjuster

The first step to preparing for a hurricane is understanding insurance policies and coverage. Often, homeowners or business owners think they are covered in one area, only to find after the storm that they are not. This confusion can be incredibly frustrating. Therefore, knowing what is guaranteed and what is not can save disappointment down the road.

Homes and business are crucial to the well-being of families. As a property owner, ensuring that the area is secure, windows are fitted, and the roof is free from leaks could save a significant amount of work post-hurricane. One way to be sure of a safe property is to request an inspection. An inspector will be able to tell owners what needs to be fixed or repaired. While this may seem overly cautious, being sure of security is never wasted time.

Last, but certainly not least, finding a public adjuster in the area is a recommendation. If a disaster does strike, homeowners and business owners will want to take care of the situation immediately. With a public adjuster, there will be no need for individuals to forgo the hassles of preparing, documenting, or negotiating a claim. Communicating with insurance companies can be challenging enough, let alone when dealing with a natural disaster.

While homeowners can do everything in their power to repair roof leaks, occasionally some incidents cannot be avoided. Tricky situations include the insurance company asking about rainwater versus floodwater. As a homeowner, these answers can be difficult to answer. Luckily, a Florida public adjuster can handle these types of interactions from beginning to end, until property owners have the settlement amount they deserve. United Claims Specialist is a company that has experience working with residential and commercial claims. Settling thousands of claims has given them the knowledge and expertise to represent clients, even during stressful times successfully. Take precautionary steps this hurricane season, and save our number 855 – 321 – 5677 in your phone, so you have it if you need it.