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Hurricane season is back in full force, and that means taking a few tips from a Florida public adjuster. Florida is a beautiful state, but it can also be destructive and harsh during hurricane season. The climate ranges between two extremes: paradises and tropical storms. Mold is a common side effect of warm, humid weather, especially when the rainy season begins. Here are a few tips to keep mold from becoming an unwanted summer expense.

A Florida Public Adjuster Recommends Tuning into the Senses

The number one way to tell that there’s mold is by using one’s senses. Mold often hides behind walls, underneath the floor, or in the attic near the roof. Naturally, mold stays out of sight, and that could mean it also stays out of mind. Smell is the determining sense in regards to discovering mold. Mold has a musty odor, and if homeowners find that a room in their home has a strange scent, it’s necessary to call for a mold test.

Mold also causes allergies, so if a person finds that their eyes or throat is itchy while indoors, it could be due to mold. The other piece of advice is to keep up on regular home maintenance. By introducing inspections into a bi-yearly to-do list, homeowners can be rest assured that their property is safe. Fungus is extremely expensive to remediate, so making it a priority to detect is crucial.

Unfortunately, sometimes mold is too sneaky. If mold does become an issue, United Claims Specialists is available to help. Homeowners insurance gives owners the peace of mind that if nature destroys, they have the finances to repair. However, there are times when the insurance company doesn’t give homeowners the compensation they deserve. Luckily, United Claims Specialists will help inspect the property, document the scene of damage, and negotiate on the homeowner’s behalf for maximum settlements. If you’re experiencing the terrible devastations of mold, contact United Claims Specialists today at 855-321-5677. Professional help is only a phone call away!