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There are many different things that can happen to your home which results in costly repairs. Being prepared and clued in about them allows you to take preventative measures. If you’re interested in avoiding some common home-related dangers then take a look at the list below:

    • Theft: The top cause of property related loss is theft. To reduce the chances of theft in the home you have to make your home less attractive to break into. For example, put up signs such as “BEWARE OF ANGRY DOG” or clearly indicate that you are using CCTV.


    • Fire: One of the less frequent dangers to your home is fire, but the damage caused by them can be devastating. With regards to the cost that has been paid out, fires are responsible for 23% of home-related claims made. (via the Travelers Claim data from 2009-2015)


    • Water-Based Damage: You might find it surprising that the majority of water-based damage claims are not weather related. Most are caused by valves, pipes and drains. Hiring a plumber to fix any leaks or to check out suspicious-looking pipes before there is a big problem is recommended.


    • Frozen Pipe Damage: A common water leak source comes from frozen pipes. Once the pipes crack, there can be major damage that leads to a costly repair especially if the pipes are in a difficult-to-reach part of your home. Before the next winter arrives put some effort into having your pipes insulated to avoid this costly pitfall.