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We trust insurance companies to compensate us to the full extent of your policy. However, damage may go unnoticed for days to months following the initial claim and therefore may not be included by the initial payout. This is especially true in cases of water damage caused by natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes. If not handled properly, water damage can cause structural issues or lead to dangerous mold growth.

If you have a storm and hurricane insurance claim in Florida, but the settlement is insufficient for covering damage repairs, reopening the insurance claim may be your solution.

How Long Do I Have to Reopen an Insurance Claim?

If you want to reopen an insurance claim, you may have limited time to do so. For example, hurricane insurance claims in Florida may only be re-opened within three years of the storm’s initial landfall. Post-hurricane damages that may require a claim to be re-opened include structural damage to a home or commercial property’s foundation, septic tank damage, or roof damage which may have missed during an initial assessment. A Florida claims adjuster can help to assess these additional damages and guide you through the process of re-opening an insurance claim.

Why Should I Reopen My Insurance Claim?

We pay for insurance to the peace of mind that if something should happen, we will have the means to cover repair expenses, medical bills, and lost wages. When insurance payouts fail to cover the full cost of your damages, it can put you in a tough financial place. Reopening an insurance claim or filing for a supplement can prevent undue strife on your part.

Even if your claim has already been settled, you may have up to five years to reopen it and report additional damages. This includes injuries which may not be obvious upon first reporting or which are more serious than initially concluded.

What Do I Need to Reopen an Insurance Claim?

It is not in the insurance company’s best interest to reopen an insurance claim. They may attempt to deny additional damages by claiming they occurred after the incident for which you filed a claim. To help prove your claim, it’s important to gather documentation including photos, videos, and paperwork. Focus on things which establish that damage was caused on the date of the original incident.

Once you’ve gathered what proof you can, consult with a Florida public claims adjuster to develop your case. United Claims Specialists are experienced in dealing with reopening insurance claims and navigating the process to get your damages covered. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can walk you through the entire process and answer any question you may have.

United Claims Specialists are dedicated to recovering what’s due to you. We will review your initial claim and determine what supplemental compensation you are owed. With no upfront fees, we don’t get paid unless you do. Our Florida public claims adjusters are ready and eager to get started on your case today!