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Your home may not have suffered from fire from your neighbor’s house but some smoke might have entered your home and deposited an ugly and unwanted black carbon on the wall surface and other portions of your home. You are now anticipating filing an insurance claim on this smoke damage in Fort Lauderdale and you will be in need of the services of a Fort Lauderdale insurance adjuster to determine the monetary value of the damages.

As we understood, an insurance adjuster is those people employed by an insurance company to see to it that the insurance claim against the company reflects the real value of the damage property. On the other hand, a public adjuster is a private insurance adjuster that assists clienteles in evaluating the real value of the property loss or damage. Perhaps, the most distinguishable difference between the two is in whose interest they are protecting.  This is a very important factor when deciding on which public adjuster you should hire.

An insurance adjuster working for the insurance company will definitely protect his employer’s interest and would tend to make an evaluation more favorable to the interest of his employer, sometimes to the disadvantage of the insurance policy holder. In most cases, the insurance policy holder will not be contented to the low appraisal made by an insurance adjuster. Determining the exact amount of losses on smoke damage is a highly technical work that needs a highly trained engineer or an experienced property adjuster.

Perhaps, when there is a controversy in the appraised value of your insurance claims, the fastest way to settle the same is to have a negotiation. If you are presented by a public adjuster, he can prove a higher value of your claim rather than negotiating the same by yourself. His technical knowhow can make a difference in the appraisal of your damage property and his experience in dealing with the insurance companies will be very valuable to the success of having the real value of the compensation you deserve.