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Many individuals who experience home damage for the first time are not sure whom to call. Two common terms that often get confused are insurance agents and insurance adjusters. While they may work in the same facility, their jobs are not at all similar. Here are the key differences between the two, and what homeowners need to know when filing their first claim.  

How Does an Insurance Adjuster in Miami Handle Claims? 

A highly qualified insurance adjuster will handle claims directly and be very responsive with the individual who is filing. They are responsible for deciding whether or not the claim can be covered under the policy each individual has. Policies can vary in coverage, and it takes an expert to fairly determine if homeowners are applicable to receive financial assistance. Alternatively, an insurance agent is the person who will sell homeowners their policy. The confusion is understandable, as genuine relationships can build between the agent and the homeowner. When the homeowner has questions about their policy, it is the agent they will call, not the adjuster.  

There are a few tips to keep in mind when homeowners are filing their first claim, and that’s to document well, take plenty of images, state the happenings precisely as they happened, and wait to repair before having the insurance inspector out to the property. These small details can make or break a claim, and it’s validity. At United Claims Specialists, we see plenty of property damage cases every year, especially when natural disasters hit.  

At United Claims Specialists, we work with some of the best insurance companies in Florida. Our team has the appropriate background and experience to handle any size claim. If you’re looking for extra assistance at your insurance company, don’t hesitate to call for our insurance adjusters in Miami today at 855-321-5677. With professionalism and dedicated services, why trust anyone else?