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Insurance is a necessity for every homeowner. Having a good insurance policy will provide you with peace of mind, and it ensures that you aren’t hit with extreme financial hardship in the case that your home is impacted by a natural event, flooding, or any kind of incident that may damage your home.

At United Claims Specialists, our team of North Miami public adjusters have seen what can happen when an insurance policy isn’t closely checked or kept up to date. If you want to ensure that you’re always covered and always prepared, it’s time to take a look at the different factors that could affect your home insurance rates.

How Old is Your Home?

Ask any qualified North Miami public insurance adjuster and they will tell you that the age of both your home and your roof will have a direct impact on your insurance coverage rates. Homes become less stable and more at risk as they age, so if you live in a newer home, you’re likely going to enjoy more favorable insurance rates. If you have an older home, then having a certified structural inspection will tell you about areas that are at risk and that could be repaired or improved.

Have You Added to the Value of Your Home?

Adding value to your home will cause your rates to increase, however, if you perform renovations and you don’t inform your insurance company, then you may not be able to get full coverage when you need it. Your insurance company needs to know about any renovations and improvements that are performed on your home. If you have remodeled your kitchen, installed new siding, or even performed extensive landscaping, you’ll need to have your home revalued and you’ll need to update your homeowner’s insurance coverage. You don’t want to get caught out when it comes time to make a claim, and if you fail to inform your insurance provider of any changes, a North Miami public adjuster will have limited leverage to get you the claim value that you need.

Is Your Home Secure, and Do You Have an Alarm System?

The security of your home can help to reduce insurance rates. For example, if you have an approved alarm system, then this may put you in a more favorable standing with your insurance company. Even when security improvements won’t directly impact your premiums, they will provide you with extra peace of mind and additional protection for your home. You should have quality deadbolt systems installed on all entryways, as well as locking windows with security latches.

A monitored security alarm might come with a monthly fee, but the extra security could turn out to be far more valuable than any investment that you make.

Have You Made Previous Claims on Your Home?

The more claims you make on your home, the higher your premiums will be. If you make too many claims within a period of time, then your insurance provider may even consider dropping your policy. It is important that you only make claims when you really need them. Remember that you will have excess and administrative fees any time that you do make a claim, so always ask yourself whether it is worth it to go through your insurance company.

Getting Assistance from North Miami Public Adjusters

Whenever you do need to make a claim, it is important to have somebody who is working on your side. If you’ve ever found yourself asking the question: should I use a North Miami public adjuster? – the answer is probably, yes!

An adjuster will work with you and your insurance policy to ensure that you always get the maximum value out of any claim. Insurance companies will always seek to provide compensation that is most favorable for them, so you should always use North Miami public adjusters to make sure that your interests are represented.

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