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Tropical storm devastation in Florida cost millions of dollars in damages annually on residential homes alone while the rate of comprehensive home insurance premium keeps increasing. There are two notable factors that contribute to the increase in insurance premiums in Florida, one is the increase in Fort Lauderdale water damage claims and the other is the increasing discovery of fraudulent home insurance claims. Some unscrupulous Fort Lauderdale insurance adjusters are trying to make money at the expense of legit insurance companies and the homeowners through fabricating fake documents.

Some homeowners who have been the victims of these insurance scams were refused by the insurance companies to have their home covered with comprehensive insurance. It is important for a homeowner to find a licensed Fort Lauderdale insurance adjuster who had the proven integrity and honesty. Here are the most common modus operandi of unscrupulous public insurance adjuster:

1. They usually go door to door and offering their unsolicited service to homeowners.
2. They refer homeowners to repair and restoration company of unknown integrity and received a kickback from the contractor.
3. Charging homeowners with a fee and could no longer be contacted on the address and telephone number he had provided.
4. Submitting to the insurance company bloated expenses for the repair or restoration works on your damaged home.

The most reasonable things to do is to only deal with public insurance adjuster that is licensed by the state insurance commission and those who are publicly known for his integrity and honesty.

The United Claims Specialist in Fort Lauderdale had been serving homeowners for long years and had established its integrity and honesty. All their public adjusters are licensed by the Florida State Insurance Commission and have the proven integrity and honesty under their name. If you need their assistance, don’t hesitate to visit them as soon as possible.