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With the recent heavy rain and flooding in Florida, many homes and businesses have been affected. The heavy rainfall (nearly 13 inches) could have possibly caused flooding which in turn can lead to mold among many other things that extensive water and moisture can cause.

It is important to stay on top of any water damage your home or business may have received because failure to remove contaminated materials and reduce moisture and humidity caused by the excessive water can present serious health risks for building occupants. Standing water and wet materials are breeding grounds for microorganisms including bacteria, mold and viruses. If left untouched, many of these contaminants can become airborne and trigger allergic reactions or even cause disease.

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If your home or business was hit with any of the heavy rain and there may be the slightest bit of damage, have the United Claims Specialists Public Adjusters take a look at it today. Water damage is no lighthearted issue and can cause serious damage if left untouched. Contact us today.