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If your home or business has suffered property damage, then you may have considered filing a claim with your insurance company. However, you may feel frustrated if your claim is denied or your settlement is less than you anticipated. You may look for public adjusters near me to help. At United Claims Specialists, we’re here to make your property damage experience easier and your insurance negotiations less of a hassle.

How Can Public Adjusters Near Me Help?

Public adjusters perform many actions that lead to policyholders receiving the amounts they rightfully deserve. First, the public adjuster will assess your claim, doing all they can to learn the ins and outs of the destruction, the causes, the timeframe, and more. After a public adjuster gathers the information, he/she can help to document the area, either through images or written reports. While many homeowners consider performing these actions alone, homeowners and business owners in the middle of a crisis tend to exaggerate in hopes of securing more settlement dollars. However, this is not always the smartest move. Instead, it’s best to be open, honest, and transparent, which a public adjuster can quickly provide.

The next step is handing in a case that is well-documented. The upside to hiring a public adjuster is that insurance companies tend to take cases with a professional much more seriously and will most times treat it fairly and have the claim results back quicker. For those who are looking to have a public adjuster help with a claim they’ve already filed, they can do that too!

At United Claims Specialists, we’ve been helping Florida residents for years as they transform their damaged home back to its former glory. Though, this cannot be done without their policy settlement dollars that inevitably help them to restore all that has been lost. Otherwise, home and business damage can be quite pricey. If you’re searching for ‘public adjusters near me‘ then call our team today and see how our team can assist in getting your family back into the home they love.