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If your Aventura home or property has been damaged from pipe leaks, fire damage, hurricanes, tropical storms, or roof leaks, United Claims Specialists can help. Recently, there have been many natural disasters causing havoc and chaos all around the world, which makes having property damage insurance more important today than ever. The understanding of your policy is a necessity, as many homeowners may think they are covered in areas where they are not. With the help of the professional public adjusters at United Claims Specialists, we can inform you and your family about the ins and outs of your policy, what’s covered, and what’s not. 

4 additional ways a top Aventura insurance adjuster like United Claims Specialists can help with your claim:

  1. We collect evidence, documents, and file the necessary paperwork. These processes can take precious hours out of your day, which is why hiring one of our public adjusters makes sense. Saving time helps homeowners and business owners get back to their busy lives faster, leaving the details and insurance negotiating to us. 
  2. As mentioned, homeowners who take on their claims alone are forced to talk with their insurance companies. This can be frustrating, as insurance companies are not always the most sympathetic, understanding or helpful. With United Claims Specialists you get all the help you need and more. We have many years of experience and can handle all the negotiations for you. 
  3. We provide an objective and informed point of view. When reviewing a property damage claim, there are many details that may be overlooked when a homeowner or business owner attempts to handle it alone. Stress levels are high and key elements may be missed. The public adjusters at United Claims Specialists understand all there is to know about processing all types of claims.
  4. We can help increase the maximum amount offered for the repairs you need. At United Claims Specialists, we will negotiate for a larger settlement than the original offering. 

If you’re in need of an Aventura public insurance adjuster, United Claims Specialists can provide peace of mind and a less stressful experience as you deal with picking up the pieces of your life. There’s no need to add additional anxiety to an already overwhelming situation. Instead, allow the experts to take this one off your hands, so that you can focus on your family, employees, and other important tasks. Call us today for a free property damage assessment at (855) 321-5677.