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Who to Call First ? Your Insurance Company or a Boca Raton Public Adjuster?  

If you’re standing ankles deep in flood water, you may be wondering whom to call first. Do you call your insurance company, or do you call for a Boca Raton public adjuster? When you’re facing your first devastation, making the initial choice isn’t easy.  

Make Your First Call to United Claims Specialists, A Boca Raton Public Adjuster  

Your first call should be to a Boca Raton public adjuster. The reason being is that they’ll help you from start to finish! If you have questions, the team at United Claims Specialists has the experience to give you quality answers. There’s no time to waste when you’re dealing with a disaster in your home. A public adjuster will aid the process in moving quickly and efficiently.  

They’ll come to your home to assess the damage. Once they have the documented proof they need, they’ll start building a case that the insurance company will have a hard time fighting. Of course, the devastation will need to be within the means of your policy. Flood damage, for example, is not covered under homeowner’s insurance and would therefore not receive the appropriate compensation. However, if the damage is covered under your policy, you can rest assured that the experts at United Claims Specialists are going to do all they can to ensure that you receive your policy’s maximum settlement amount.  

The public adjuster will take care of the negotiations and any other phone calls that your insurance company may need to make. Studies show that claims filed by a public adjuster often have a better chance at securing more financial settlement funds. Why? A public adjuster knows all there is to know about the process, the forms to fill out, and the overall procedures, rules and regulations. This then keeps insurers on their toes, as they know that the playing field is leveled.   

Call United Claims Specialists today if you’re experiencing a disaster in your home. Whether it’s water damage, flood damage, fire damage, or vandalism; a public adjuster in Boca Raton will be by your side every step of the way. Call (855) 321-5677 and get the assistance you’ll need to make this process move along smoothly.