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Hurricane Irma is a large storm that has the potential to cause significant damage to Miami and all of South Florida. At United Claims Specialists our professionals can help with your hurricane cleanup. If your home is damaged during Hurricane Irma, it’s time to call a licensed public adjuster in Miami. Hurricanes have the potential to cause significant damage, and Hurricane Irma looks like it could be one of the strongest hurricanes we’ve seen in South Florida. If your home is damaged in Hurricane Irma, our team at United Claims Specialists is here to help. We will work hard for you to make sure that you get the settlement you deserve for the damages that have occurred to your home.

What should I do after Hurricane Irma?

When your home has been damaged from a hurricane you may think that the first step is to call your insurance company. You pay your premium every month, so your insurance company should be on your side right? Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Many insurance companies can try to get fast settlements and can often be for less than what you deserve. With our team at United Claims Specialist, you’ll have a team of public adjuster working on your side to make sure you get the best settlement possible. Right after a hurricane, there are some things you should avoid doing including:

  • Signing any paperwork
  • Settling a claim with your insurance company
  • Attempt to repair your home by yourself
  • Work with a contractor you don’t know


Properly documenting the damages is very important after a hurricane. When you call our team at United Claims Specialists we will make sure all your damages are documented properly so you can get the compensation you deserve. A good public adjuster will make sure that your insurance company pays your settlement in full and that your claim is settled for the maximum amount. We also work with trusted contractors who will provide you with the best estimates for your home.

What should I do immediately after the storm?

Right after a hurricane, it’s important to make sure you and your family are safe. Make sure the hurricane has moved from the area and that it is safe to go outside. Once you do so, you can begin to see the damages that may have happened to your home. Taking a lot of pictures is a good idea, and calling our team at United Claims Specialists is a good first phone call to make. To speak with our public adjusters in Miami about your claim, call us at (855) 321-5677.