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Whether it’s a hurricane or a major tropical storm, you may need to call a Miami public adjuster if you’ve had damage to your home. The beautiful shores of Miami are stunning all year round, except for those few days where the winds and rains of the Caribbean rip through the city. Major devastation can occur, and it’s rare to have the financial funds lying around to fix devastations. Naturally, this is why you have insurance! However, during a mega-storm, the chances of the insurance company responding to you promptly and giving you your maximum policy amount is slim. Fortunately, United Claims Specialists is a Miami public adjuster that can help.

Less Stress, More Money from a Miami Public Adjuster

It really comes down to two things: less stress and more money. A public adjuster can help ease the frustrations of the claim filing process while bringing their clients a higher financial return. Why is it that a public adjuster can get more from an insurance company? The insurance world is a diverse and complicated part of society. Their terminology and knowledge extend past what an average homeowner will know. In fact, while filing the paperwork, it’s easy for a property owner to make a mistake, as it’s rare to know exactly what the insurance company is asking for. Luckily, a public adjuster understands these small traps, leveling the playing field for their clients.

Additionally, negotiating with an insurance company is perhaps the most substantial part of the battle. Of course, they’re merely doing their job by saving their company money. However, as a property owner, this is incredibly frustrating and can leave you without much hope. It’s not uncommon to see policyholders give up on their filing, as the stress of back and forth phone calls and inadequate settlement offers are physically and mentally exhausting. Again, a public adjuster can help relieve the pressure by taking over and speaking on your behalf. They’ll start from the beginning with you and your family, even helping to take pictures, schedule the inspection, file and negotiate your claim.

If you’ve recently suffered home damage, don’t stop until you receive the maximum amount you deserve. A Miami public adjuster at United Claims Specialists is ready to help you succeed, and give you the financial peace of mind to rebuild and remodel. For residential or commercial properties, United Claims Specialists are the professionals you want by your side. Count on your insurance, by counting on our team. Call United Claims Specialists at 855-321-5677 today, and see how we can ease your stress and bring you your necessary settlement returns.