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There are several scenarios that damage to your property is very minor that insurance providers will ignore the claim you deserve but only pay you the lesser amount. Take a situation that a fire breaks out in your neighbor’s house and the smokes blew into your home, thereby a smoke damage your Fort Lauderdale home. While the smoke damage is visible and could be corrected by cleaning and repainting, your insurance provider may compensate you an amount not enough for the actual cost of cleaning and repainting.

When this scenario happens, you should not immediately clean your home, call immediately a Fort Lauderdale insurance adjuster and seek his advice on how to go with your claims against your insurance provider. As we acknowledge the importance of having our home covered with an insurance policy, we are also aware that insurance companies needs to earn a handsome profit on their operation. And in this instance, the insurance company would certainly pay a very little amount to earn a bigger profit.

The UCSFL insurance adjuster will assess the actual damages to your home and will be working with civil and structural engineers for the cleaning and restoration of your home. He will also work with health and sanitation professional to determine the toxicity of mists and other particles deposited by smoke in your home; there might have some serious health issues later on. With all the necessary assessment and documentation, your public insurance adjuster will help you file a damage claim with your insurance provider and will try to represent you in the negotiation on your claim.

The United Claims Specialist in Fort Lauderdale is a group of licensed and bonded public insurance adjuster who are committed to providing fair and equitable services to their clients. They are not working for any insurance company but are independent adjuster. They are working on a contingency basis and earned a service fee based on the amount their client may receive from an insurance company.