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How to Reopen an Insurance Claim After Settling 

Did you know that you can reopen an insurance claim after you settle? If you feel that you’ve been shorted during your first attempt at securing some financial security, you’ll be happy to know that your opportunity for optimal representation hasn’t passed you by. A good insurance policy is helpful when your property undergoes an issue, especially from a natural disaster or a break in. Your insurance policy ensures that you aren’t the one responsible for covering those damages. The first thing people do is call their insurance company. However, if you’re looking to refile your claim, chances are you’ve found out the hard way that a public adjuster is often a better approach. The reason being is that they can help fight for your maximum settlement with the appropriate knowledge. In this article, the experts at United Claims Specialists will walk you through the steps to reopen a settled claim.  

1. Check State Laws to Reopen an Insurance Claim 

The first thing you’ll want to do is check with your state on the rules on reopening a claim. Each state has different rules and regulations. To be informed on your journey, do your research. For example, in the state of Florida, they have hurricane procedures one might want to be aware of. If there’s a hurricane or tropical storm that causes severe damage, the state gives residents “three years from landfall” to reopen a claim.  

2. Know Your Time Limits 

You can’t reopen a claim whenever you want. If you tried ten years ago, that ship has sailed. The earlier you open a claim, the better off you’ll be. It aids in proving that newfound damage is questionable and that there may have been more damage than initially documented. If you wait years to reopen a claim, chances are your insurance company will have a harder time believing you. In most states, the latest you can reopen a claim is five years. After five years, it’s time to give up on securing more financial coverage.

3. Document  

If you’re looking to reopen a claim, don’t do so without documenting the new case. Whether it’s paperwork, photos, videos, or documents, your insurance company will want to see proof. It’s essential that the insurance company understands that the damages are a result of the previous damages and that the original compensation is not going to cover the costs. 

If you’re looking to reopen an insurance claim, reach out to United Claims Specialists today to learn more about what to expect, what the rules are in Florida, and if your case can be won. Our team will stand by your side as you fight for your rights. We’ll speak on your behalf so that you can get back to the other pressing matters in your life. When your previous claim becomes an issue in the future, know that you have a public adjuster team to rely upon. Call us today at (855) 321-5677.