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United Claims Specialists is a nationwide insurance adjusting and appraisal company. At United Claims Specialists our insurance appraisal services are primarily for the business community, however we also serve individual home and property owners in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.  

For the business community in New Jersey, our experienced insurance appraisers offer the best process for insurance appraisals of all types of structures including:  

  • Commercial properties 
  • Large manufacturing plants  
  • Factories   
  • Small hotels 
  • Apartment complexes. 

United Claims Specialists can also assist with personal property evaluations for a variety of manufacturing and production machinery, office furnishings, hotel and apartment furnishings, professional office and retail furnishings, computers and office machines.  

For our homeowner community, a home appraisal is often required when obtaining your homeowner’s insurance. In many cases, the company itself will send an appraiser. If you are a new homeowner or even an existing homeowner, taking an in-depth look at your finances and assets, determining the pros and cons of your homeowner’s insurance policy can be a little less than straightforward. One of the most critical components of your homeowner’s insurance will be the amount of coverage provided in the unfortunate event that your home is damaged or destroyed. That’s where United Claims Specialists comes in as the best choice for the most widely used determining factor in this whole process, which is the home appraisal. 

United Claims Specialists loss prevention appraisals look for structural soundness and defects and at brickwork in chimneys, foundations for potential cracks and appliances for weaknesses or moisture damage etc…. These appraisals are usually compulsory as the insurance company has a vested interest in the structural integrity of your home.  

United Claims Specialists Appraisals 

“Appraisal” for claims is a process frequently found in many insurance policies but is most commonly used in property damage situations. If you live in a flood-prone area of the country it is worth your while to conduct an appraisal on your home or business. Floods can create structural damage, personal belongings damage and can also damage your land. Many insurance policies do not cover flood damage, so a separate appraisal from United Claims Specialists is a good idea before approaching flood-specific insurance companies. Keep in mind this coverage is usually pricier than traditional homeowners insurance, but can pay dividends if and when you face a natural disaster. Also worth mentioning that if you live in a federally designated flood zone, the government will actually subsidize the cost of the special coverage.  

As a homeowner, you might feel like your insurance company has the upper hand when it comes to replacing or repairing your damaged property. But it’s important to understand that you have many options if you aren’t satisfied with the amount your insurer offers to settle a claim. One of those options is the appraisal process from United Claims Specialists . 

When it comes to dealing with flood appraisal and loss or damage you should know that virtually all first-party property insurance policies contain an “appraisal” clause in which each party, insured, and insurer can appoint a “disinterested” or “impartial” appraiser who, in turn, selects an umpire to resolve issues of the amount of loss.  

In recent years, disputes between property owners and their insurance carriers in many states including New Jersey are more and more likely to be resolved in the insurance appraisal process rather than through litigation or mediation. The need for so-called  “umpires” is increasing as many catastrophic losses are being resolved by appraisal. This growth in dispute resolution by appraisal means that more and more people should be made aware of just how valuable our appraisal services at United Claims Specialists could be!  

When conducted properly an appraisal is a very effective alternative and dispute resolution process offered by the professional appraisal team at United Claims Specialists. Call today to get help to determine whether or not you need the guidance of a United Claims Specialists  appraisal specialist.