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Mold is something everyone hopes they never have. It’s a dangerous substance that can leave homeowners, business owners, children, and employees with allergy like symptoms. Eventually, mold can cause significant health issues that can be challenging to get rid of. While many people think that they can clean up mold themselves and successfully file an insurance claim, the reality is not so simple. Mold is complicated to clean and be financially paid for. Fortunately, with experts like United Claims Specialists on your side, you can eliminate many of these uphill battles. While we can’t remediate mold, we can successfully help you obtain what your policy guarantees you. With that money, you can fix your home or business, without having to dig out of pocket.   

Why are Mold Claims Complicated? Insight from a Private Adjuster in New Jersey  

First, it’s important to understand what makes a mold claim so frustrating to deal with. Mold can come from numerous sources, whether it’s flooding, pipe leaks, roof damage, or moist environments. Insurance companies want to save money, and if they can find a reason not to pay you, they will use it. This is why having a private adjuster is essential. Because mold can be born out of negligence, insurance companies will almost always pull that card. However, a Private Adjuster knows what to look for in order to show insurance adjusters that the mold, was in fact, a product of something natural and serious.  

At United Claims Specialists, these are issues we see all the time. Handling these cases on your own can be challenging and nearly impossible. Insurance companies can either underpay the claim or dismiss it completely. In fact, we see plenty of re-opened insurance claims due to insurers shutting them down! With our team on your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll handle everything from start to finish, allowing you to simply sit back and relax. 

How Does a Private Adjuster Handle a Mold Claim  

First, a private adjuster will assess the damage. Once they decide that it can be covered within your policy, they’ll begin documenting the damage with photos and written accounts. The more accurate they can be, the better, as it allows insurance companies to truly understand the hardships you’re going through. From there, they’ll file the paperwork and add the photos. Building a strong and unwavering case isn’t an easy task, but with a professional, you can rest at ease knowing they’ve built successful cases for years.  

Then comes the negotiations. It’s a tiring process. Some individuals even give up during this part due to the complications and ongoing work! With a private adjuster in New Jersey, policyholders won’t have to pick up the phone, or make calls to their insurers. If you’re looking for someone to help you in your time of need, contact UCS today at 855-321-5677 and see how we can help you get your property back to normal. One of our private adjusters in New Jersey will be one of your greatest allies!