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As a homeowner, your home is among the most significant investments you own. But are you aware your investment can be reduced to nothing in no time? When a natural catastrophe strikes, damage can be inevitable. 

The aftermath of hurricanes, wind storms, hail, and tornadoes are devastating and heart-wrenching. Hopefully, you already have homeowners insurance to protect your property against such damage. Unfortunately, the worst and most damaging hurricane strikes; Hurricane Ida.

Across the US, Hurricane Ida property damage is estimated to be an astonishing $18 billion. If you've suffered property damage from Hurricane Ida, it's about time you use your insurance policy to recover damages!

Without any prior experience filing for a property insurance claim, the process can be overwhelming. You need to notify your insurance company, meet with the adjuster, assess the damage, estimate the costs, and more. A slight slip-up in the process could result in a lowball offer or no compensation at all.

But worry no more; you've landed on the right page. Here is a comprehensive guide about Hurricane Ida property damage claims.

The Process of Filing for Hurricane Ida property damage claim

While it's natural to feel powerless after the resulting damages from the hurricane, you need to submit your claim quickly. Filing your Hurricane Ida insurance claim promptly is the surest way of getting substantial compensation to get your world back together. So, how do you go about it?

File Your Hurricane Ida Claim Immediately

Numerous homeowners are filing for the claim, overwhelming insurance companies.

It won't be a wise idea to wait until the damage is completely assessed to file a claim. Insurance companies usually handle claims on the basis of first-come, first-serve. Thus, report your claim promptly and note down your claim number.

Document All Communication and Correspondence With Your Insurer

A property insurance claim is an intricate process and for your best interest, make sure everyone is on the same page. Also, for your peace of mind, have a record of all communications with the adjuster assigned to your claim and the insurance company.

If necessary, confirm any verbal communications with texts, letters, or emails. This ensures all parties are clear about your requests and the insurer's commitment.

In addition, this ensures you confirmed the dates when you provided the insurer with adequate proof of loss.

Document Your Loss with Photographs and Video

For compensation, the insurer has to confirm all the damages incurred are Hurricane-Ida-related. If a dispute arises about whether some of the damages are related to the hurricane, those photographs and videos will be handy.

If you already have real-time documentation taken after the storm, it can go a long way to support your claim.

Perform Your Own Due Diligence

During the claim process, no one knows or cares about your home better than you do. While an adjuster may be assigned to your claim, don't depend solely on them. While they are experts, they don't share your perspective and familiarity with the situation.

Make sure you don't depend on adjusters to determine and document the value of your entitled amount. According to the terms of your insurance policy, provide your own estimates of the suffered damages.

Also, submit hurricane claim documents to support your estimates for repairs and personal property. This comprises quotes from local licensed contractors and the value of your personal property.

Review and Understand Your Insurance Policy

An insurance policy is a legal contract between you and your insurance company. As such, you must review it thoroughly. You should fully understand each party's responsibilities in case of a loss and the following claim.

Also, you know items covered and those that aren't and also the basis on which the insurance company can deny compensation. With a clear understanding of the policy, the claim process becomes efficient and straightforward.

Consider Track of Temporary Living and Recovery Cost

In most cases, you need to find a temporary living place till your home is habitable again. Your homeowner's policy can help you recover some of the living expenses. These include lodging, meals, and transportation expenses associated with Hurricane Ida.

These items mostly fall under 'Loss of Use' coverage. The coverage will apply if your home sustained a covered loss making it unlivable. This may include when the hurricane destroyed the roof.

Examples of Property Damage Caused by Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana and neighboring states the hardest. All types of structures were damaged, including homes, industrial establishments, and rental properties. Here is hurricane damage you may have suffered and required compensation.

• Roof damage, including missing shingles, turbines, and tile damage

• Damage to structure foundation

• Internal home damage

• Broken and damaged doors, siding, garages, and windows

• Uprooted tree

• Destroyed motorhomes and recreational vehicles

• Water damage to electrical wiring

• Flooding damage

• Destroyed or damaged vehicles

What Is Covered by Homeowners Insurance

The assistance offered by the insurance company will differ depending on the type of insurance policy you have. However, the general things covered by homeowners insurance include;

• Costs associated with the repair of damaged property

• Costs of replacing or repairing damaged items such as appliances and furniture

• Temporary accommodation and living expenses


Note that the insurance company will only cover the type of loss caused by the hazard on your policy. Most homeowner policies don't cover flood damages. It's thus crucial to familiarize yourself with the coverages and contents of your policy. Here, you can determine whether the policy covers specific damages or not.

Also, if you have comprehensive automobile coverage, then any damage caused to your vehicle due to flooding or storm is covered. However, if you have liability insurance, then your vehicle isn't covered in case of flooding.

Why You Should Hire a Public Adjuster

While you are entitled to compensation, you are not guaranteed it and likely won't get it on your own. You've been paying your premiums on time, but the insurance company is not willing to pay for full damages. They will minimize the compensation amount to a lowball offer, and you might have to cover some damages out of pocket.

This should not be the case when you've been paying for premiums without fail. To get a full and fair settlement, a public adjuster is invaluable. This expert has in-depth knowledge in insurance claim settlement and will file and handle the claim on your behalf.

Are you wondering whether you need to hire a public adjuster for the Hurricane Ida property damage claim? Well, here are benefits to enjoy when you hire one.

Handle Everything for You

Your insurance company is in business and seeking to maximize profits at all times. Also, the insurance adjuster they assign to your claim understands this and is on their side. They represent their best interests and can do anything to minimize your settlement.

Reputable public adjusters are highly experienced and have dealt with insurance companies before. They know the tips and tricks used to deny or offer the insured lowball amounts. By hiring one, you know an expert is working for you to deliver a fair settlement.

Maximize the Settlement

After evaluating your property damage, the public adjuster will calculate the amount of money you should get. Also, they will gather adequate evidence to build up your claim to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. This can make a world of difference in the amount you get as compensation.

When pursuing the claim on your own, you might fall prey to the tricks of insurance adjusters and get lowball amounts.


Use This Guide About Hurricane Ida Property Damage Claim

Thousands of people are facing significant property damage from Hurricane Ida. If you are among them, utilize your insurance policy to get a fair settlement and recover from the damages. However, it's important to learn how to go about the whole process.

Check on this guide on how to get Hurricane Ida property damage paid for.

Are you looking for a public adjuster? At United Claims Specialist , we've got you covered. We help policyholders get higher payments and avoid the stress of dealing with insurance companies.

Contact us today to get claim help.