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One of the biggest advantages of living in Florida is that you’re never too far from the water, and the warm weather allows you to enjoy marine activities at almost any time of the year. If you’re a resident of the area, then you’ll know how great it can feel to head out on your boat for a spot of fishing, marine life observation, or even for a special event. However, being a boat owner, you will also know that you need to have excellent insurance to protect yourself from costly damage and liability in the case of an incident.

Our Boca Raton public adjusters have seen almost every type of marine damage that can occur, and if you ever need to deal with an adjuster for an insurance claim, then it can help to know some of the most common and most expensive marine damage claims.

Lightning Damage

Although not the most common type of damage, any Boca Raton public insurance adjuster will tell you that lightning damage can typically be up to twice the value of a collision damage claim. A lightning strike on a yacht has the potential to damage numerous systems, and may even cause injury to boat occupants. In addition to the basic onboard electrical systems that can be damaged, you could also suffer damage to navigation and communication systems, both of which are highly expensive when compared to other aspects of a vessel.

Vessel Grounding

Grounding of a vessel is mostly avoidable with experience and a good crew, but it’s not impossible for even experienced navigators to get caught out. A grounding usually goes one of either two ways. In the best case scenario, the damage will be minimal, and besides recovery, there might not be any actual cost for repairs. However, in the worst case scenario, a grounding could lead to catastrophic damage and a total loss of the vessel. No matter how severe the damage is from grounding, one of our Boca Raton public adjusters will be ready to assist you in the event of any damage and subsequent insurance claim.

Explosion or Fire Damage

When it comes to the total value of an insurance payout, claims for fire and explosion are secondary only to theft. In most cases, fire damage will lead to the complete loss of a vessel, so it’s important that you have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers this kind of damage. Boca Raton public insurance adjusters at United Claims Specialists will be able to assess whether your fire damaged vessel is fit for repair, or ready to be written off as a loss.


Theft will usually mean complete loss of your asset, with little chance of recovery. Even in the unlikely case that your vessel is recovered, it will likely be stripped of the most valuable components, making it more economical to completely replace the vessel. Our Boca Raton public adjusters have dealt with the aftermath of boat theft, and we know how heartbreaking it can be to lose one of your most prized possessions. Most thefts occur with boats stored on trailers with wheels, so when you’re stowing, it’s a good idea to remove the wheels and keep your trailer seated on stable blocks, or specialist axle stands.

Smooth Claims with Boca Raton Public Adjusters

Marine insurance can be complex, and claims require highly specialized adjusters to ensure that the correct research is performed and that the right documentation is created. At United Claims Specialists, you can ensure that you get the best Boca Raton public adjusters, ready to handle your claim process from end to end.

By choosing respected and licensed Boca Raton adjusters, you’ll ensure that you get the best result out of any insurance policy, with little to no stress on your end.