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A properly working air conditioner is a necessity for homeowners across the country. Your AC unit keeps your family cool and comfortable year-round. If you’ve ever had a problem with your air conditioning, you know getting your HVAC system up and running again is a priority. Proactive planning can help you arrange AC repairs as soon as possible. Does homeowners insurance cover air conditioners? It’s important to understand your air conditioner’s coverage before anything goes wrong! Standard insurance policies only cover AC units in a few circumstances. Learn more about homeowners insurance to see when your air conditioner may be covered.


What Do Homeowners Insurance Policies Cover?

Most homeowners insurance policies are designed to cover unexpected perils like accidents, fires, and severe weather. These policies give you peace of mind in case the worst happens. Your insurance policy handles repairs or replacements per your contract if your home is damaged by fire, water, storms, theft, vandalism, or other unexpected events. If your AC unit is impacted by any of these events, it should be covered alongside the rest of your home.

However, your homeowners policy probably doesn’t cover wear and tear. Check your policy to confirm your specific details. However, if your AC stops working due to old age, failing parts, lack of maintenance, or any other non-emergency issue, your homeowners insurance company likely won’t pay.


Common AC Problems That Aren’t Covered By Homeowners Insurance

Today’s air conditioning units are designed to last for decades. Modern AC systems are efficient and reliable. You’ll enjoy cool air for 15 to 20 years, or possibly even longer with careful maintenance. However, every system shows its age eventually. Your unit will struggle with failing parts, lagging performance, and other wear and tear issues. These breakdowns lead to rising utility costs, uncomfortably warm homes, and unwanted stress.

Most homeowners policies don’t cover problems caused by wear and tear, aging, or maintenance. These issues are responsible for many AC problems, which means that your homeowners policy won’t pay for replacement or repairs. Does homeowners insurance cover AC leaks,breaks, or malfunctions? Explore some frequent air conditioner problems your homeowners insurance won’t cover.


Air Conditioner Breaking Down

When the temperatures rise, AC breakdowns plague families across the country. Air conditioners need regular maintenance to work properly. Preventative care like changing air filters, keeping plants from clogging outdoor units, and cleaning indoor vents are important for many reasons. These maintenance steps improve your HVAC system’s performance, but they also protect the AC unit.

Homeowners' policies don’t usually pay for maintenance-related problems. If your air conditioner breaks down because it hasn’t been maintained, your homeowner’s insurance will probably not cover the repair cost.


You Damaged Your Air Conditioner

Accident protection motivates many people to take out homeowners insurance. Accidents are a fact of life and can strike your AC system just like the rest of your home. Outdoor air conditioning units can be unintentionally damaged while you’re working around the house. Yard work and landscaping are common causes of AC damage, but your system can also be harmed by dropped items, pets, and more. Unfortunately, most homeowners policies don’t cover accidental damage you caused to your AC unit.


Worn Out AC Parts

Like other major household systems, your AC unit has many component parts. A standard AC system relies on fans, vents, ducts, pipes, wiring, and other elements that span your entire home. Any of these parts can break down over time, especially if your system sees heavy use. Your entire AC system will struggle or stop working entirely when a part wears out. 

Since homeowners insurance doesn’t typically cover issues caused by wear and tear, aging, or missing maintenance, your policy probably won’t pay to repair or repair worn-out parts.


Other Problems With Your Air Conditioner

There are many reasons why your AC could have problems and sometimes it can be hard to diagnose what’s wrong. Your system might be making strange sounds, producing an odd smell, shutting down when it should be running, or showing other unusual symptoms. Foundation issues, pests, mold, wiring problems, and other concerns can all impact your air conditioner. 


These problems can be hugely frustrating, especially if they require multiple repair visits to diagnose and solve. Unfortunately, many of these issues are related to wear and tear, maintenance, or aging. Homeowners policies don’t cover AC repair or replacement for many of these mystery malfunctions.

AC Problems That Are Covered By Homeowners Insurance

Your AC Unit Is Leaking

A leaking air conditioner will cause problems throughout your home. Homeowners policies will typically cover leaking AC units, if there was an incident related to faulty switch or drain leakage resulting in ensuing damages to the flooring, walls, or more.. Using a claim expert or public adjuster can help you get your AC leak covered by homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance should also cover your AC unit from emergency situations. If your AC is damaged during a major home event, your standard policy will probably pay for a repair or replacement. Read your contract to learn more.

Most homeowners insurance policies will repair or replace your AC system if it’s damaged in these circumstances:

    • •   Fire
    • •   Lightning
    • •   Storm damage such as hail, ice, snow, rain, high winds, or wind-blown debris
    • •   Burst pipes and some other types of water damage
    •   Theft
  • •   Vandalism

 You can also purchase additional coverage to protect your home from floods, earthquakes, and other regional hazards. These policies may include useful protection for your HVAC system.


Protecting Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner plays an important role in making your home a safe, comfortable environment. AC problems are irritating at best, dangerous and expensive at worst. You can prepare for AC breakdowns when you know what to expect. Homeowners insurance is a valuable tool and while it doesn’t cover all air conditioning problems, it does cover some. Have questions about if your AC problem is covered under your insurance? Talk to our claim experts for a free evaluation!