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We’ve all heard the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This statement aptly describes managing an association’s property before, during and after a hurricane. As we enter a new hurricane season, keep the following preparation steps in mind:

  • Review your association’s insurance policy to have a clear understanding of your coverage. If you have new board members, consider setting up a meeting with your insurance representative so everyone understands the coverage.
  • Take detailed photos and videos of the property before the storm and keep them in a safe place. Photos might include common areas, pools, playgrounds, streets/sidewalks, security gates, etc. After a storm, take photos and videos of the damaged areas so the insurance company can easily see the damage vs. how it looked previously.
  • Secure any outdoor furniture in outdoor common areas or move furniture indoors to prevent it from becoming a projectile. Remind residents they should move their personal furniture indoors as well.
  • Keep copies of receipts for any immediate repairs that are needed. While generally it’s best to avoid making repairs until the insurance adjuster has surveyed the hurricane damage, sometimes immediate repairs are necessary if there is a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation.

For more information on successfully working with your insurance company after a disaster, contact UCS at .