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Hurricane season 2013 is at its height, and while it has been an active season so far, forecasters are expecting even more between now and the time it ends in late November. The damage done by the wind and rain can be severe, so it becomes of paramount importance for property owners to take appropriate steps to protect their homes or businesses, and that includes doing what they can with regards to insurance coverage.

First and foremost, you should read your insurance policy and make sure what is covered hurricane damage Fort Lauderdale and what isn’t. If you find the whole thing too confusing, make an appointment to sit down with your provider and have them go through it with you step by step. They will be only too happy to do so.

Make out an inventory of your personal property, including as many details as possible (such as serial numbers). This may be a headache initially, but it will prove invaluable when you have to start accounting for losses with your claims with Fort Lauderdale insurance adjuster. Make sure your inventory is properly stored, something that you can take with you in the event of an evacuation. Consider it one of your important documents, just like IDs, insurance papers, vehicle registration, etc.

Once you have returned to your property, document your loss through photo or video, and take detailed notes of all damages, including dates and times. Do not throw anything out until your Fort Lauderdale insurance adjuster has looked at it. Locate the water line and record that with photographs as well. It is important to be able to document just how high the water rose in your home. Do this even if the waterline is only an inch or so off the floor. You’d be surprised at how much damage an inch of water can do.

Look through all drawers to make sure the contents are not damaged, and be sure to examine your drywall for signs of water damage as well. Drywall water damage will be evidenced by staining or swelling. You should again take detailed notes of any and all structural damage you want your adjuster to take a look at.

When it comes to the work that needs to be performed, get bids and written estimates from several different contractors. Include cost of materials and prices. Sometimes, immediate repairs may be required in order to prevent further hurricane damage Fort Lauderdale. Take care of that promptly and make detailed notes and photos of the work done.