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We help homeowners, building owners, property managers and contractors file property damage claims, get higher payments and eliminate the headaches of dealing with insurance companies. 




We send a professional to the property as soon as possible to inspect and accurately document damage. 



We take care of the entire claims process and negotiate with the insurance to ensure your damage is covered.



Insurances are in the business of paying as little as possible for damages that occur. UCS gets you the biggest payout.


United Claims Specialists has licensed adjusters in multiple states so that we can help as many people as possible get the settlements they deserve from their insurance providers. 

Insurance companies rely on the fact that most policyholders don't know what they're actually entitled to and most people accept whatever settlement is offered. Whether you are at the beginning of filing a claim, or if you have already filed your claim- WE CAN HELP!

  • New property damage that needs an inspection and a claim filed.

  • Claim has already been filed but you need help negotiating more money for repairs.

  • You have already accepted a settlement, but you need more for repairs or don't believe you received everything you were entitled to.

  • Your property damage claim has been denied by the insurance, but you believe it is their responsibility.



No matter the type of damage, we've got you covered. Don't file another claim without us!

Storm Damage

Did you know that weather-related disasters affect more than 80% of the population? With the increase in the Earth's climate- more severe storms and heat waves are expected. 

We help homeowners, property managers and contractors manage their insurance claims that come along with these severe weather events so that you get complete coverage for damages. No matter the storm type- we'll make sure you're protected. 

Fire Damage

Fire damage can result from lightning strikes, electrical problems, appliance malfunction, wildfires and more. Whatever the cause of your fire damage, United Claims experts can help you get the money you need to rebuild. 

Water Damage

We work with all types of water damage claims. Clean water, gray water containing biological contaminants and black water that contains bacteria all cause different damage situations.

Roof Damage

Most homeowners are shocked to see the destruction to their roof following a storm and are even more shocked to find out that their insurance provider isn’t willing to cover the full cost of repairs.

As public adjusters, we're prepared to fight for a payment that covers the cost of all the damage. Give us a call if you have a new, denied or low-balled claim for your roof repairs. 

Income Loss

Running a business is hard enough. If you own a business and have had disaster strike, we know how frustrating that can be. Allow our adjusters to get involved, taking the added stress of handling a complicated insurance claim off of your shoulders, enabling you to get back to business while experts handle your claim.

Flood Damage

The processes behind flood damage insurance claims can be excessively complicated. One wrong form or improper step can result in a claim being underpaid or even outright denied.

New, Low-Balled & Denied Claims

A public adjuster can make a 700% difference in your payout.

What clients say about us

Mike G.
Mike G.

Following hurricane Irma, Joe and his team did an outstanding job in obtaining over five times the amount that the insurance company offered for the damage to my roof. I would highly recommend this amazing company United Claims specialists.

Delray Beach,FL

Several months ago we had a flood disaster in our home while we were away for the weekend. The damage was extensive. On the advice of just about everyone we spoke to, we decided to hire a public adjuster. United Claims Specialists was recommended, and we are ever so grateful.

John M.
Florida Homeowner

Several months ago, we had a flood disaster in our home while we were away for the weekend. The damage was extensive. On the advice of everyone we spoke to, we decided to hire a public adjuster. United Claims Specialists was recommended, and we are ever so grateful.


Public adjusters are similar to property loss attorneys, but we have a deep understanding of the contractor's repair costs- making us better able to inspect, estimate and maximize insurance policies.


UCS Public adjusters have decades of experience representing property claims. These skills are utilized on every claim to ensure the best possible results.


Presentation is key when it comes to property damage claims. UCS Public adjusters leave no stone unturned when it comes to documenting ALL property damages associated with our client’s losses.


Our adjusters have successfully negotiated tens of thousands of property claims. Rest assured, you are in good hands allowing our firm to represent your property claim.


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We’ve successfully negotiated thousands of claims with all major insurance companies!

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