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A Florida woman has been living with black mold in her home for months and has finally spoke out saying she does not feel safe living there any longer. Can anyone blame her? Maria Suriel’s roof began to leak last summer after days of torrential downpours, and now the damage is only getting worse due to the recent rain. Suriel attempted to file a claim with her insurance provider, but not much could be done due to the fact that her policy does not cover a leaky roof. After months of back and forth, and no answers from her insurance company, Suriel will most likely have to pay for a new roof out of pocket.

United Claims Specialists are experts in representing and professionally negotiating with insurance companies for the best possible outcome. We are here to make sure your insurance claims are properly presented and are not treated as just another claim that may eventually only collect a fraction of what it should, or worse, be denied entirely. If you have suffered any loss in your home or business due to accidental damages, fire damage, flood damage, mold, or any other catastrophe, you are likely eligible for compensation from your insurance company. Contact the public adjusters at United Claims Specialists to assess your South Florida damage and begin the process of recovery today!