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When your home or business gets damaged, anxiety and stress are a common response. You want the damages to be fixed right away, but immediately filing a claim with your insurance company may not guarantee the maximum settlement. By hiring a public adjuster, you can be sure someone is fighting for you to get the best possible compensation. United Claims Specialists is the premier public adjuster in South Florida and is ready to help you get the best settlement. United Claims Specialists has experience in numerous types of damage claims, but two of the trickiest damage claims that often go hand-in-hand are roof leak damages and mold damages. Luckily United Claims Specialists’ team is trained and experienced in both fields, so you know you’re in good hands. 

Roof Leak Claims Public Adjuster

Roof leak damage claims are difficult because different insurance companies have different policies depending on how serious they perceive the damage to be. United Claims Specialists has a licensed and professional team of public adjusters that can offer expertise for residential and commercial roof leak claims. By having United Claims Specialists fight for your claim, you can get the best settlement for the highest possible amount. With the best settlement for your claim, you can repair issues such as: 

  • Cracked flashing 
  • Broken shingles 
  • Sealant issues 
  • Missing tiles 
  • Cracked vent booting 
  • Improper skylight installation 
  • Condensation 
  • Attic ventilation issues 

United Claims Specialists’ public insurance adjusters understand the ins and outs of roof leak damage claims. United Claims Specialists understand how extensive roof leak damages can be, which is why it’s crucial to settle roof leak damage claims quickly and for the highest possible amount. Left unattended, roof leaks can turn into a mold-related problem quickly, causing further damages. Let United Claims Specialists fight for you to ensure you get the maximum amount for your settlement! 

Mold Damage Insurance Claims 

Mold damages can be another tricky claim because different commercial and residential policies offer varying coverage for mold damage. Understanding your exact coverage when it comes to mold damage claims starts by calling our adjusters at United Claims Specialists. United Claims Specialists’ public adjusters can help you with your commercial and residential mold damage insurance claims by doing the following: 

  • Analyzing your insurance policy to determine mold damage coverage. 
  • File the claim with your insurance company if you have not yet done so.
  • Recommend vendors (Plumber, Water Mitigation, Mold Remediation, etc.) as needed.
  • Schedule the initial inspection with the insurance company adjuster.
  • Meet with all insurance adjusters/experts who the insurance company may send to inspect your property.
  • Documenting your loss with Photos, Thermal imaging, moisture meters; if necessary, bring in providers to supply Expert reports (engineers, architects, etc..). 
  • Complete a detailed “line item” estimate of repairs required to bring your property back to its pre-loss condition.
  • Document and catalog contents on a Personal Property Inventory Form (PPIF) if any were affected by the loss. 
  • Prepare reports to Catalog your Additional Living Expense, Loss of Rent, or Business Interruption depending on your specific coverage.
  • Assist in obtaining temporary housing if needed.
  • Prepare documentation for an Advanced Payment Request.  

The longer you wait, the worse the mold damages will become. If you want to settle your mold damage claim and get the best quality repairs, call United Claims Specialists to get started and get you the settlement you deserve. 

If your property has sustained roof leak or mold damage, call United Claims Specialists right away for a free inspection. Call United Claims Specialists public adjusters today at (855) 321-5677 for your no cost, and no obligation claims consultation. Visit the United Claims Specialists’ website at for additional information and additional claim types. We’re here to make sure you get the settlement you deserve!