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Hiring a Florida public adjuster isn’t always necessary but knowing when to call and when to do it yourself is an important skill. Generally speaking, public adjusters deal with substantial property damage claims. People in Florida tend to call public adjusters after hurricane season. The damage a hurricane or tropical storm can create is invasive, devastating, and destabilizing. In this article, the experts at United Claims Specialists will offer a guidebook for handling hurricane claims, and when it’s best to call for a professional.

Popular Hurricane Damage Questions for a Florida Public Adjuster

There are a few questions that come up consistently for homeowners and business owners facing property damage. First, they’ll want to know if flooding is covered under Homeowner’s Insurance. Then, they’ll want to know if flooding is covered if it comes through the roof. These are two questions that seem to be asked most. The unfortunate answer is that Flood Insurance and Homeowner’s Insurance are two separate purchases. There are very specific requirements for each type of coverage. Talking to a public adjuster will help you to know what’s covered and what’s not.

A Florida public adjuster can be incredibly helpful during these trying times. They’ll come out to the property and assess the damage. If Homeowner’s Insurance seems to cover the issues, then they’ll work to document with video, images, and written accounts. The information they gather will then be placed in a claim. The claim is then submitted to the insurance company for review. The benefit of working with a public adjuster is that they’ll do everything for you! From start to finish, they’ll ensure you’re well taken care of.

Studies show that those who use a public adjuster have processed claims quicker. Additionally, they’ll receive more money during their payout. The reason being is insurance companies know public adjusters understand the system and lingo. Regular homeowners and business owners do not. This leads to numerous mistakes when filing that can end up costing them their maximum settlement amount. Some individuals even get denied! To avoid paying for hurricanes outright, it’s crucial to use an expert.

If you’re looking for a Florida public adjuster, you’re in the right place. The experts at United Claims Specialists have been around for years and our experience is unparalleled. We’ll fight tirelessly for your highest payment and we’ll dedicate our time and energy towards assisting you when you need assistance the most. Call United Claims Specialists today at 855-321-5677. No matter the size of the damage, we know we can handle it! Water damage, storm damage, and fire damage are all what we do best. Why stress if you don’t have to? Our team is here to help!