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After a natural disaster such as a hurricane your home could have extensive damages. At United Claims Specialists our team can help you file a claim to get proper compensation. This will help you repair and restore your home back to how it was prior to the hurricane. Our Hollywood public adjuster is here to help after a hurricane or any storm that causes damage to your home. 

With recent flooding and increases in tornadoes and hurricanes there is a real concern about the homes in Florida. People who never thought they may need flood or other catastrophic insurance are facing destruction in ways they never expected. Even if the structure is salvageable there are a number of serious issues that need to be resolved. A public adjuster in Hollywood can help speed up your claim to get you the money you need for proper repairs to your home. 

After a hurricane it’s important to begin cleanup as quickly as possible. Allowing standing water to stay in the home can increase the damage exponentially. Dirty water is a breeding ground for bacteria and insects. Within a short time especially in warm weather there could be serious infestations or risks of contamination to people who encounter the water. Also, incomplete water remediation can lead to a host of other problems, which is what makes a swift and thorough cleanup so important.

Often during a hurricane or tornado the building will shift and the foundation will crack or the floors will be crooked or cracked. In these instances it is usually necessary to level and relay the flooring. It is always nice to be able to have one contractor come in and remove the offending moisture, tear up the destroyed materials and lay the new one.

There is no wasted time or money in a company who knows what they are doing and does the job quickly and correctly. United Claims Specialists is the only call you need to make in situations where there is a lot of work to be done and it needs to be done fast. They will be able to complete everything and in a time frame that allows the business of life to get back on track. Don’t wait after damages to your home, call United Claims Specialists right away at (855) 321-5677.