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If you have an insurance policy, then you probably have some kind of coverage relating to accidental damage. One of the most common questions for insurance professionals, particularly for Coral Gables public adjusters, is what exactly accidental damage will cover. If you ever have to deal with a claim on your property, then it can help to know about this insurance term in advance.  At United Claims Specialists, we have you covered with all of the basics and will be here to help anytime that you need to make a claim with public adjusters in Florida.

Accidental Damage with Household Contents Insurance

Think about all of the valuable items that you have in your home, ranging from large appliances to electronics, and even rarities and collectables. In the event that something in your home was stolen or damaged by fire, you would usually be covered. However, if you don’t have an insurance policy that includes accidental damage, then you could be opening yourself up to a significant amount of risk.

Essentially, accidental damage coverage is a special provision in your insurance policy that will allow for coverage on items in cases of a rare or isolated incident. As an example, a flat screen TV that is knocked over may be covered by accidental damage, depending on the conditions of your policy.

Because the term is so broad, it’s important that you check all of the fine print when signing for a long term insurance policy, and you should seek to clarify anything in the policy that you’re not happy with. As you can imagine, accidents in the home can occur at any time. If you have pets or children, then there is more chance that accidental damage will occur. Most insurance companies won’t cover accidental damage caused by pets, but they will cover damage that is caused by children or other family members. If you do have pets like cats or large dogs, then it is a good idea to discuss this with your insurance company, because they may be able to provide a special package that will offer you coverage in these cases.

When you do need to make a claim for accidental damage, you can rely on Coral Gables public adjusters, like the team here at United Claims Specialists, to assess the damage as well as your policy details, and help you get through the claims and settlement process with your insurance provider.

Will it Cost Extra to Have Accidental Damage Coverage?

Because accidental damage coverage is not a standard type of household items insurance, you will need to pay additional insurance premiums to ensure that you have this type of coverage. As experienced public adjusters in Florida, we highly recommend that you avail any accidental damage coverage that is being offered by your insurance provider.

Accidents will occur in virtually every home, and you wouldn’t want to be out of a significant investment, just because you hadn’t considered coverage on your insurance policy. Think about how many expensive items are in your home, especially compared to 15 or 20 years ago. Televisions and computers have become smaller and more powerful, and they’ve also become more fragile. It is much easier for a child to damage a laptop computer or expensive tablet than it would have been to damage a large computer two decades ago. Accidental coverage won’t just cover your electronics, but you’ll usually be able to get complete coverage for furniture, appliances, carpets, and even wall coverings.

If you want complete peace of mind within your home, knowing that you’ll have financial coverage in an unexpected event, then accidental damage coverage will be absolutely necessary.

Getting Support for Any Claim

When it’s time to make a claim for accidental damage, make sure that you call expert public adjusters in Florida. Not only will you get the best advice regarding your insurance policy, but you’ll ensure that any claim is made with your best interests accounted for. Choosing to use Coral Gables public adjusters can also mean that your claim is processed faster, and you won’t have to go through the rigmarole of dealing with your insurance company at every step.

If you’re in Coral Gables, call us today, and experience the difference of working with some of Florida’s best adjusters.