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You come home from work one day to find your kitchen drenched in water. The furniture is soaked, possessions ruined beyond repair, and appliances likely shot. You detect the faint smell of mildew permeating the room.

You know you need to contact your insurance company. But then what?

Here are five tips to help you efficiently and effectively file your water damage claim:

1. Contact your homeowner insurance company right away.
The faster you file your claim, the faster they will start to process it, and the faster you can fix the problem. Moreover, some policies have time limits on filing, so you need to be in compliance with them to ensure you receive coverage.

When you contact the insurance company, it will be important to accurately describe what happened. Avoid describing the situation as a “flood”. The room may have the appearance of “being flooded”. However, when there is water in a room due to some type of damage, like a burst pipe or broken window, the insurance company calls that “water damage”. Most homeowner insurance policies cover water damage. In contrast, most homeowner insurance policies do not cover floods, which requires a separate insurance policy.

2. Take an Inventory of What Has Been Damaged
Take photographs and videos of the room. Make sure to include everything that has been damaged, including walls, windows, flooring, doors, carpets, furniture, artwork, documents, electronics, toys, clothing, etc.

3. Avoid Touching the Damaged Area As Much As Possible
Don’t throw anything out or attempt to clean up until after the insurance company adjuster comes to your home. You will want to keep the damaged areas as intact as possible so the insurance company can see the full scope of the issue.

That said, you should fix any dangerous situations or issues that could make the damage worse.

4. Maintain Good Records
Make sure to keep all your receipts throughout this process, including receipts for hotel stays, clothes, food, contractors, and replacement items. Also, keep a log that contains all of your discussions with the insurance company – make sure to include the date and time of the call, the name of the person you spoke with, and notes on what was discussed.

5. Contact a Public Adjuster
The insurance company will send an insurance adjuster or an independent adjuster to your home to survey the damage and report back to the insurance company. They represent the interests of the insurance company.

In contrast, a public adjuster represents your interests. Public adjusters are experts in reading and interpreting insurance policies. They will also come and survey the damage in your home and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you receive the maximum amount for your damage.

If you experience water damage in your home and would like an experienced public adjuster to help you receive the most money possible, contact United Claims Specialists today.

When you have damage to your home or business, it can be daunting. Dealing with your insurance company can be incredibly stressful. Do not let your inexperience dealing with the insurance company cost you time and money! Our team at United Claims Specialists is here to provide you with the best service so you get the highest settlement for your claim.

United Claims Specialists has a team of experienced, dedicated, and professional public adjusters who work for you to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve when your property or business has property damage. We work on both residential and commercial claims and will make sure that your loss is handled quickly and properly and that you get the highest settlement possible.

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