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Lately it seems as if insurance companies have more rights than ever. Going against a major home insurance provider may seem like an exercise in futility due to all the stipulations and loopholes that favor them. State Farm is one of the largest auto and home insurance companies in America and they want to be able to keep information that is publicly available private.

Dropping Coverage and Hiding The Data

According to an article published on Insurance NewsNet, State Farm wants to be able to establish much of it’s quarterly reporting of Florida homeowner insurance as a trade secret. State Farm claims that this information (which every other insurance company in Florida provides) would be beneficial to their competitors and can be detrimental to them. State Farm has agreed to give numbers about how many policy holders are in the state of Florida and not much else. The major issue is that they want to be able to hide how many policies they cancel and how many are insured quarter by quarter.

This push for less transparency has many people concerned. State Farm does not have the best history in Florida either as they dropped more than half of their policy holders from 2009 until now.

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