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Top 3 Gifts to You When Choosing to Hire an Orlando Public Adjuster for Fire Damage  

It’s the holiday season and that statistically puts you and your neighbors at a greater chance for fire damage. Did you know that the majority of fire property damage cases are submitted during this time of year? During family get-togethers and barbecues, disasters near the oven or grill can happen. Fires are some of the most dangerous issues to work with. Not only do the flames tear down anything in their paths, but the smoke damage also will need to be addressed. Fortunately, an Orlando public adjuster can make your experience with your insurance company less strenuous and more profitable.  

 1.The Gift of Peace from an Orlando Public Adjuster 

One of the most significant reasons to hire a public adjuster is because of the peace they bring. If you’ve ever handled a property damage case on your own, then you understand how frustrating negotiations and explanations can be. There are dozens of phone calls every week to determine new paperwork errors or lack of documentation. With a public adjuster, you won’t have to deal with an ounce of stress from your insurers.

 2.The Gift of Assistance 

There are many items to check off of your list when you’re filing a fire damage claim. There needs to be an inspection, paperwork, images, written documentation, and so much more. Then, you will probably spend the next several weeks negotiating on a price. With a public adjuster as your ally, you can hand these tedious processes over to their team! They’ll know exactly how to handle every hurdle, and by doing so, they’ll build a strong case in your favor.

 3.The Gift of Cash 

Last, but certainly not least, studies show that those who hire a public adjuster are more likely to receive a higher payout. The reason being is that public adjusters understand the insurance game as well as the insurers themselves. By hiring a public adjuster, you’re leveling an otherwise unfair playing ground. Insurance companies are more likely to take your claim seriously should you have someone in your corner with knowledge and experience.  

If you’re ready to receive excellent service from a public adjuster in Orlando, call United Claims Specialists today at (855) 321-5677. Our team is available to help you this holiday season so that you can prioritize other essential areas of your life.