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With the holiday season finally here, millions of Americans are flocking to stores and malls across the country to get the hottest new electronics, toys, and gifts. We know how competitive it can be to get in on the best sales of the season, but even if you dodge the insanity of Black Friday, you may still be at risk. Opportunistic thieves and burglars take advantage of the increase in spending during the holidays, ruining the spirit of the season. They often target vehicles in store parking lots or homes with poor security, leaving many spending the holidays with a home insurance adjuster in Miami instead of family and friends.  

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from those with nefarious intentions is important, especially at home. To help keep you safe during this season, here are five tips for protecting your property during the holidays. 

Lock Your Vehicle and Conceal Goods 

Holiday shopping, especially during Black Friday, can make you an easy target for criminal activity. Multiple trips to the car to drop off boxes and bags and draw the attention of would-be criminals who may break into your car to steal your purchases. When shopping, remember the best place for your items is in the trunk. It is the most secure part of your vehicle and keeps your items hidden from view. This way, should someone go looking for cars to break into, yours is less appealing that those that have shopping bags in plain view. Because breaking into a car is such high risk, thieves are less likely to take the chance of coming up empty handed with your vehicle. 

If possible, avoid spending long periods of time at a single mall or shopping center while taking multiple trips to the vehicle to drop items off. Renting a cart to take with you from store to store may be a safer alternative. 

Avoid Shopping Late 

Thieves and robbers thrive on two things: the dark to help conceal their actions, and blending in with crowds to go undetected. While late night shopping may seem ideal due to your work schedule or as an attempt to avoid the headache of a packed mall, it may also leave you vulnerable. While most thieves try to avoid direct confrontation, some may be desperate enough to attempt a mugging or worse. If you must shop late, do so with a shopping buddy and park in a well-lit area. 

This is also important for a secondary reason. As any home insurance adjuster in Miami can attest, most break-ins actually happen during the day when the average person is at work. If your home is broken into through a shattered window or broken door, the longer you are out, the more time opportunists have to take advantage of your home’s vulnerability. Do your best to keep your time away from home as short as possible. 

Secure Outdoor Holiday Displays 

Who doesn’t love a fun and festive holiday display for the front yard or along your home’s trim? While we put them out to encourage holiday cheer, some people would rather ruin that fun by stealing or destroying these displays. While in some cases a home insurance adjuster in Miami may be able to help with filing a relevant claim, taking the time to secure these decorations can help discourage pranksters and Grinches. 

Install Security Surveillance 

This measure is a good idea no matter what time of year it is. Motion-detecting lights and security cameras are major deterrents for thieves. If you do experience a break-in, the relevant footage can be used for both legal pursuits and filing a claim for damage. Making the investment now will serve to protect you and your family now and into the future. 

File Any Claims ASAP 

If you do have the misfortune of experiencing a break in during the holidays, don’t wait too long to file a claim. Catalog what is missing and what damage has been done to your property, then contact United Claims Specialists to begin the filing process. We are dedicated to helping you get the money and help you deserve.