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In the state of Florida, it’s not uncommon to experience strong winds, torrential downpours, or high floodwaters. As part of the northern rim of the Caribbean, it’s no surprise that the state sees a few natural disasters here and there. However, did you know that with every new storm, your home or business suffers more? Your roof is taking the brunt of every encounter. Is there a proper way to handle a named storm headed your way? How do you proceed when you need insurance assistance?  

Calling an Orlando Public Adjuster is Step One for Roof Damage 

If you do experience roof damage, the first thing to do is call for a professional public adjuster. During a time of crisis, there’s no time to wait for insurance companies to get back to you. With a public adjuster, they’ll instantly take a look at the case, as they know that a public adjuster means business. Besides being a reliable ally, public adjuster also assists in the documentation process.  

When a strong storm damages your home or business, you’ll want to take photos of every area of the property. Be sure that you’re focusing on the area of destruction so that insurance companies can see exactly what and where the damage is. The clearer you are, the better.  A public adjuster can also help advise you on what’s notable and what’s not. For example, missing shingles or tiles can give a lot of contexts. Therefore, be certain to prioritize proof. A further inspection is also a good idea, as it helps you to know if your roof is leaking. While leaks can be small and unnoticeable to the untrained eye, a roofing inspection expert can give you a full and detailed report of the damage sustained.  

At United Claims Specialists, we believe that every property owner has the right to access their insurance finances when they need them. We understand how frustrating it can be to file a claim, wait for a response, and negotiate with insurers. Luckily, that’s what an Orlando public adjuster is here for. At United Claims Specialists, we’re happy to help you secure the finances you need to rebuild and repair. For your maximum settlement and experienced public adjusters you can trust, call 855-321-5677 today.