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Last year, Hurricane Michael slammed the East Coast and the Gulf. This catastrophic Category 5 hurricane’s 160 mph winds caused billions of dollars’ worth in damages as it continued on its destructive path up the East Coast. Although thankfully, Hurricane Michael did not grip Pensacola as heavily as most of its neighbors in the Florida Panhandle, the city still endured plenty of damage from the storm’s gusty rains and high winds. The devastation of Hurricane Michael lingers in our minds as one of the worst storms of the decade (2nd only to Katrina), as we head into hurricane season in Florida next month. Yet, it’s amazing to some that Pensacola and many other residents in the Panhandle are still waiting for their insurance money to repair the damages to their homes and businesses. If you think your insurance company is playing fair–think again.

Why Should I Call a Public Adjuster for My Hurricane Damage Claim in Pensacola?

One of the first calls you should make if you’ve suffered hurricane damage, is to a public claims adjuster like United Claims Specialists. Our experienced adjusters have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. If you already have a claim in with your insurance company and are still awaiting money, feel you have received an unfair amount or have even had your claim denied—we can offer help. Dealing with your insurance company can be an exercise in frustration. Most of the time they are in the business of paying their policyholders as little as possible. And as experienced public adjusters who can help you with your claim in Pensacola, we know that the insurance companies will play games until they leave you even more frustrated with nowhere to turn. At United Claims Specialists, we have an aggressive team of public adjusters who will go to bat with the insurance company on your behalf. You’ve got enough stress to deal with, so it’s good to know you’ve got someone who is exclusively on your side who will see this through from beginning to end.

What Do I Do if My Claim Has Been Denied?

Assessing the damage to your home in Pensacola after a major storm like Hurricane Michael can be stressful and frustrating in itself. And what if on top of everything else you’re dealing with you find out from your insurance company that your claim has been denied? You pay your premiums on time, and your policy clearly states that you are covered –then why would your claim be denied? Well, there could be several reasons why such as:

-You waited too long to file your claim – Florida law states you have three years to file.

-You didn’t pay your premium – Check and recheck your paperwork and have backup.

-Insufficient documentation of damages – Always document damages and take photos and call on experts to provide you with estimates on the damages.

-Exclusion clauses in your policy – check your policy over and over to make sure you are covered.

As soon as your home is damaged from a major storm like Hurricane Michael it’s a good idea to speak with a public adjuster—before you call your insurance company. We can help you properly document all damages and make sure that your claim is filed on time. If you’ve already filed your claim in Pensacola and it’s been denied, call us today at (855) 321-5677. We will help you reopen your claim so you can get the compensation you deserve. It’s that easy.