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When Hurricane Michael made landfall in Panama City in Florida’s Panhandle last year with Category 5 hurricane force winds of 160 mph, homeowners were taken by surprise. They never expected a storm of this magnitude to sweep into and destroy their peaceful little town with such violent force. When it was all over, the devastation that lied in its wake was surreal for most homeowners. Homes and trees had toppled like a house of cards and were damaged beyond repair to the tune of billions of dollars. Even today, Panama City homeowners and business owners continue to live with the aftermath in devastated homes with damaged roofs and severe water damage form the storm’s unforgiving impact. Many, not surprisingly, are still waiting on money for repairs from their insurance companies. So, what can you do when your insurance company is taking too long to pay or isn’t paying enough? You hire a respected public adjuster like United Claims Specialists. Our team of dedicated adjusters have been helping people just like you fight for the maximum settlement from your insurance company. Helping people get the money they deserve is what we do every day!

How Can I Speed Up the Process of Getting Money for My Hurricane Claim?

So, you’ve paid your insurance premiums faithfully and now when you actually need to file a claim you’ve no reason to worry that your insurance company won’t pay you enough to repair your home. After all, the devastation is obvious after a Cat 5 hurricane–isn’t it? If you are surprised that your insurance company offered you thousands and thousands of dollars less than you expected, we aren’t. The insurance adjuster they send out works for them, not you. While he looks like he’s taking important notes after reviewing your damage, he’s probably just jotting down ways to shave money off your claim. Be aware that your insurance company is not on your side. You need a public adjuster in Panama City to help you get the maximum amount possible so you can to repair the damage to your property.

Can I Reopen My Claim Now?

If you’ve already filed or even received money for your claim and don’t think it was enough to cover your damages, we can help by reopening your claim. Once your insurance company sees that you are working with us, they’ll be more inclined to pay out what you deserve. But it’s best to contact us sooner than later because you want to get your money as soon as possible. Under Florida law you have three years after the damage was sustained to file your claim. There are many benefits to hiring a public adjuster after your property damage claim has already been filed in Panama City. Not only will we help reopen your claim, we can also help make sure that the damages are properly documented. We will work with your insurance company and deal with the stress, so you don’t have to. Call United Claims Specialist today if you feel you’ve been unfairly compensated or you are still waiting to hear from your insurance company on you claim for damages suffered from Hurricane Michael. Our team of expert public adjusters will work with you in Panama City to make sure you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Call us today at (855) 321-5677.