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What is an insurance claim? To an insurance policy holder, as insurance claim is a demand for the payment of a compensation for a particular damage to property or for personal injury. It involves restitution of lost property, restoration of damages property and/or compensation for injuries suffered and reimbursement of expenses. To an insurance company, it is an obligation to be fulfilled under the insurance policy coverage it issued to and by tacitly receiving premium payments. And in most instances a legal obligation to be avoided by all legal means. Public adjusters and insurance claims companies exist to provide services for the protection of policyholders.

The filing of an insurance claim is fast and simple, it only requires the filling up of an insurance claim documents, attaching the required documents as a proof of property damage or personal injury suffered and submitting to the insurance company. In some instances, the service provider, such as hospital, medical practitioners, property repair and restorer will bill the insurance company directly for the reimbursement and payment for their services and other costs.

The insurance company as a matter of avoiding their legal obligation, will conduct its own verification, investigation and appraisal on the truthfulness of the cause and on the amount of an insurance claim. Insurance companies have an in-house insurance adjuster whose work is to investigate insurance and validate insurance claims in favor of the insurance company whom they worked. It’s seems as ugly as it is, but this is how the system works. Policyholder then has to hire a public adjuster or insurance claims companies and even an attorney to equalize the playing field.

An insurance claim has been always a battle between the insurance company and the policyholder. The insurance company has been always in the upper hand because of its massive resources and influence. Asides, they dictate the terms and conditions of the insurance policy coverage as well as in the manner of filing a claim, worst, they themselves adjudge the fairness of the claim. Take a fight, hire a public adjuster and get the compensation you deserves.